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Diana Scully | Founder & Creative Director of Spaces + Places Blog, launched 2013. 

I love to be creative. I have always loved to do creative things. As a child I was passionate about art (drawing and painting) and loved to play the piano. I used to write my own music and record it. As I grew up, I purchased my own video camera and orchestrated a few short movies. As well as choreographed a few dance routines with some girlfriends (I recorded them too). Then I attended university and got confused by the idea of working as a “professional” and having a steady income. So I became a lawyer. 

Funnily enough, this didn’t last long. After practising for five years, I decided this wasn’t my calling. The profession didn’t get me jumping out of bed each morning. I felt my creativeness was stifled. I didn’t have much spare time on the weekend to pursue what I loved. 

So I enrolled to study interior design (but don't ask me how I found the time). And then I started my own residential decorating business, Spaces by Diana. And for something purely for myself - I started this blog. I wanted a place where I can share with you all the wonderful ways design can influence your home and lifestyle. Sometimes this involves travel, exploring new products, meeting people in the industry and sharing with you, projects I’m currently working on. 

Spaces + Places Blog is inspiration for your home that is real and authentic. I show you where to shop, give you tips on how to piece together a room and how to find what you'll need to decorate your own home, in your own way.

Thanks for visiting. 

Di x