Motivate Me Mondays #8.

In my post Setting the Table, I touched on the notion of slow living. And I want to explore it a little further today.

For me, this concept revolves around the deliberate practise of living a simple, honest lifestyle, at a slower pace. Getting back to basics where the focus is on spending time with family, eating wholesome, nutritional food, connecting with nature and having meaningful conversations with friends. 

The slow movement is a reaction to our hectic, fast paced lifestyles that is dominated by the internet, the need for instant gratification and keeping up to speed in a global community. The beauty of something being made local, preserving old traditions and spending time outside, is our way of restoring balance in life. So for this week's Monday motivation, I have sourced a collection of locally produced homewares, handmade crafts and workshops to rediscover the simple things in life.

1 / Crafted by hand throws by Little Dandelion.

2 / Floral art class workshops at the flower studio called Loose Leaf

3 / Embrace old traditions at the couture letterpress and stationary store, Bespoke Letterpress

4 / Hand screen printed textile company, Bonnie & Neil

5 & 6 / Crafty & home styling workshop classes at Megan Morton's, The School

Right now, I find myself embracing the sunshine (when it pops out!), having long meaningful conversations with my husband and finding time to read books that inspire me. What are you doing to enjoy the simple things in life? 

SbyD x