BOOK/CLUB: Magazines from around the globe: Part 1

This month for a little change I thought we could explore a few magazines from around the world for the BOOK/CLUB. With a change of season globally, there's sure to be some great material floating around. So let's start off this week in our own backyard with one of my favourites, Inside Out Magazine.

Look at those rustic french doors?

Look at those rustic french doors?

This beautiful country cottage located in Daylesford, Victoria is featured in this month's edition and is owned by interior designer and stylist, Kali Cavanagh. Nestled in the picturesque Victorian countryside, Kali and her family retreat to this quaint abode as a weekend getaway. 


Unlike many contemporary home features in this magazine, this vintage-inspired cottage is FULL of character and so undoubtedly caught my eye! It effortlessly mixes old with new, industrial with vintage pieces and employs a great range of materials too, like timber, marble, linen and metal. I also love the contrast in colour between the living and dining rooms!


This kitchen wins my heart. Look at that powder blue vintage oven in amongst the all white, country style kitchen? Simplicity is the key in this room's design. The all-white palette, modest kitchen table and exposed, undecorated lightbulbs stay true to this style. 


And look at the details in the bathroom? The barn style doors compliment the rustic vintage cabinetry but beautifully contrast against the all white modern interior. 

This home feels so warm and welcoming to me. The vintage mix creates a sense of history in an otherwise renovated cottage, while the imperfections in furniture and accessories adds to the charm.

Do you feel the same way? What did you like?

SbyD x

All images kindly sourced from Inside Out Magazine.