Bromley & Co.

David Bromley has to be one of my favourite artists, ever. Lucky for me, he has decided to relocate his business from Byron Bay to Melbourne with the recent opening of two stores, Bromley & Co. Talk about excitement overload!


Bromley & Co in Windsor is not just a store in which David is able to display his artwork. Like their company name suggests, David and his wife, Yuge, showcase an array of artwork, furniture and homewares from various creatives. "Bromley & Co includes not only our family but also a team we really love, who are basically our best friends and we really love that the name can bring us all together" says Yuge.


"Bromley & Co is a very personal expression, an extension of the things we love. There's no reason to separate a pair of shoes from an antique or a piece of contemporary from classical art.  We almost feel like the things we should sell are those we don't really want to part with", says David. I love this quote. It shows that David chooses to be surrounded at home/work with pieces that he loves, and avoid any rules or trends that may dictate what is otherwise considered to be the way to decorate. 


David's art work can almost be categorised into two themes: nude female portraits and children's series (inspired by childhood storybooks from the 1950s), both equally beautiful however, contextually different. But for me, there is synergy of purity. The female is beautiful, feminine and gentle and the childhood paintings represent a portrait of innocence. Without a doubt, his work is explicitly colourful, graphic and bold. This is the statement piece for the home!

striped girl in orange
holding hands

Now I am no artist, nor can I claim to understand or interpret art in any educated manner. So for me, I choose art that resonates with me and makes sense for my home. David Bromley's artwork does this for me.

If you feel that your art education is a little on the rusty side, start with something you love. Use your home as your inspiration. Draw colours, texture and style from the bones of your room. 

I cannot wait to visit Bromley & Co on my return to Melbourne! Have you popped in and visited either store yet?  You can find Bromley & Co at:

1 / 93-95 Chapel Street, Windsor VIC 3181

2 / 45A Vincent Street, Daylesford, VIC 3460

If however, you are unable to visit a store, you should definitely check out their beautiful website here.

SbyD x

All images kindly sourced from Bromley & Co.