Playing the Piano...

When I was a child, I played the piano. I started when I was five. My parents enrolled me in a few classes with a local teacher, Carol. She was amazing. (We're still good friends today. She came to my wedding in Byron Bay last year!).  I practised and played the piano formally until I finished high school. Although it was my parents who initially encouraged me to start... Well in fact, it was my Uncle who had inspired me. My sister and cousin would beg our Uncle to play. It was breathtaking to watch his fingers float above the keys when I was three. He played this one piece over and over again. I can still sing the tune, even though I don't the name of it.   

When I started to learn to play, I had visions of being as good as my Uncle. When I was about 8 years old, my parents bought us our very own piano. I still have the piano today. It was bought second hand and it was perhaps not made by a prestigious maker, but it means the world to me. So many memories sitting at the stool, performing carols at Christmas, practising for exams and writing my own music. Its a shame I never kept the music I composed myself.  

My mum is taking care of the piano now, until I move into a home big enough to keep it. That will be a special day. For the time being, my dad bought me a full size electronic keyboard which I keep in my apartment. Prior to my travels this year, I played weekly, just for myself and just for a break. To do something different in my day. To do something for myself. I love to play my favourites over and over again. Some are by well known composers and others from Coldplay and Alicia Keys. But nothing for the next upcoming exam. 

Images via Pinterest. 

Images via Pinterest

Over the weekend, I received an email from a blogger, stylist and inspiring female who I follow, Pia Jane Bijkerk. Below is a link to a recording of Pia on the piano. Her audio is available online through her website here, together with many other pieces she recorded in the past in her Sound Studio. I thought it was incredibly sweet and peaceful and wanted to share it with you.

We are all doing "our thing" during the week... But when we can, I think its nice to do something for yourself. Something a little different from the everyday. Is there anything that you do, just for you?

Have a great week.

Di x

PS: If you received this blog post via email and the audio recording is not working, click the title link in this post and listen to it on my blog website.