5 minutes with...Norsu Interiors.

A few years back, I spent Christmas in Copenhagen with my beautiful Danish friend, Henriette. We celebrated Christmas on the night before and woke up to be greeted with fresh snow. Yes, magic.

A Scandinavian Christmas is as close as you will get to your childhood dreams of a traditional Christmas. I joined Henriette and her family for Christmas hosted by her grandmother and attended by extended family. To commence our evening celebrations, we celebrated with a famous festive drink called Glogg, served warm with gingerbread cookies, Glogg is infused with fruity red wine, rum, brandy, raisins and cinnamon! This is definitely a way to get the party started!

The highlight for me was when we sang Christmas carols (albeit in Danish!). Following tradition, the freshly cut Christmas tree is decorated in the traditional colours of red, gold, silver and white and lit up with little - but real - candles! Once I felt comfortable we weren't going to set the house on fire, we all held hands, danced around the tree in a circle and sang out aloud. I'm not joking. It was real and it was utterly magical. 

Although an Australian Christmas will never feel wintery or come close to threatening snow on the day, I still love to capture that Scandinavian Christmas feeling in my home. This year, I was fortunate to discover the recent opening of retail boutique, Norsu Interiors, specialising in unique and carefully curated Scandinavian homewares. (You may recall with the store's initial opening earlier this year, I blogged about it here.)

So for this Christmas, I decided to pop into the store and ask the lovely duo, Kristy + Nat, the talented ladies behind this amazing business, for a five minute chat about their store and how they'll be celebrating Christmas this year!

Let me introduce you to Norsu Interiors, welcome Kristy & Nat!

Nat (left) + Kristy (right) of Norsu Interiors.

Nat (left) + Kristy (right) of Norsu Interiors.

1 // Please share with our readers a little bit about your store, what they can find there and what festive inspiration is blooming inside?

Our store is small, but packed full with Scandinavian goodness. We source products from all over the Nordic region to sell in the store in addition to our website www.norsu.com.au. It was important to us to have the store feel homely by incorporating furniture that not only provides customers with an opportunity to see 'how' to style our products in their own homes, but also gives them a place to sit and have a chat with us. The best thing about opening our store is that we have been able to introduce extra products to our range from local designers with a Scandinavian influence. Whilst most of our products are imported, we are also huge supporters of the local talent we have in our country, and are delighted to be selling wares from some emerging designers such as Ettie ink and Candle Lit & Co. Our aesthetic is clean, modern and simple, although unlike the tradition Scandinavian monochrome look, we are huge fans of colour which we have incorporated into the store, especially pastels and copper metallics.

There's nobody that does Christmas better than the Scandinavians, and we are very grateful for that at this time of year. Our festive decorations are minimal and beautiful, featuring copper, brass and wooden elements. Our customers are loving the fact that they're finding 'different' decorations in our store. The Louise Roe extra large copper door stars are so popular that we have a running joke that every second house in East Malvern has one this Christmas...

The new retail store. 

The new retail store. 


2 // What’s your favourite aspect about Christmas?

Beyond the beautiful decorations and spirit of giving, we cannot overlook the special time that Christmas allows us to spend with our families... This year has been particularly busy on the norsu front, making it challenging to squeeze in substantial 'family' time. We are looking forward to taking a nice long break from the store over Christmas to allow us to make up for this time lost..as well as catch up on some much needed sleep!!


3 // It’s not Christmas without...?

Family, cheesy carols, great champagne, Nan's Christmas pudding...and the food coma that follows!

4 // What three gifts would you recommend from the store for your mum, your best friend and for yourself?

Mum - It's pretty hard not to go past the Sne Design felt storage basket with leather handles... These baskets are the most versatile product going around, and perfect for Mum's extra cushions/blankets, magazines, knitting products, laundry or even a pot plant! 

Best friend - Our new Louise Roe copper and brass trays are to die for!! We can't think of a friend who wouldn't love to receive these. Available in three colours and three different sizes, you're bound to find the perfect one for any friend.

Yourself - Whilst we would usually overlook a gift for ourselves, this year we are totally splurging, and gifting ourselves a Pia Wallen cross blanket...that is if there's any left on our shelves by the time Christmas rolls around :)

The exterior of Norsu Interiors in Malvern East, VIC.

The exterior of Norsu Interiors in Malvern East, VIC.

BIG thank you to Kristy and Nat for the fun interview! 

To view the entire range of Scandinavian and local products available, visit Norsu Interiors online here. Otherwise, pop into the store and and say hi to the ladies at 356 Wattletree Road, Malvern East VIC 3145.

SbyD x

All images kindly provided by Norsu Interiors. Photos by Stu Morley.