Welcome to our new blog.

Hi there! If you're reading this from your email inbox, then please CLICK the heading link and let it take you to our NEW blog website!

We have decided to set up a separate blog website called Spaces + Places Blog | www.spacesandplacesblog.com. Our business website will still remain at Spaces by Diana | www.spacesbydiana.com.au


Two reasons mainly. Firstly, this way you can obtain all your interior inspiration & needs directly from our blog website. Secondly, each blog post now has its own link, so you can refer a friend to a particular post or attach the link to your own social media platforms to share our content! 

SbyD Project - Nursery in progress.

Room details available on Spaces by Diana.

Project nursery bayside

What else is new?

+ You will find our current blog post on the homepage and links to the last three posts on the side bar.

+ Our NEW Book Club. So what's this? Each month we will share with you what we are reading and what inspires us. A place to find the resources to help you renovate & decorate your home - whether its in a book, magazine or something interesting we've read on-line.

(Your can find our Book Club under "SbyD Reads" on the side bar or under "Extra" tab on the top of the home page.)

Vogue Living May/June Edition

+ The NEW SbyD Handbook. Although its not quite ready yet (sorry!), we are in the process of setting up a directory where you can access all the details of the products, stores and places we have referred to in our blog posts and SbyD Projects. We want you to be loaded with all the right information and resources when you decorate your home. We believe its all about enjoying where you live so we want to make decorating your home fun and exciting! We'll let you know when the Handbook is ready, so stay tuned.

(You can find our Handbook on the side bar or under "Extra" tab on the top of the home page.)

+ Our revised e-decorating service, SbyD Basics. Learn all about how we can help you decorate your home via email. This service gives you the freedom and flexibility to decorate your own way, with the help of an interior expert. Discover what's right for your home, where to shop and how to keep this process simple and easy for you. That's why we're calling it back to Basics.

Project kids bedroom details

SbyD Project - Twins' bedroom in progress.

Room details available on Spaces by Diana.

(You can find our e-decorating services, SbyD Basicson the side bar or under "Interior Design" tab at the top of the page.)

So what's next?

If you know someone who may be interested in reading our regular blog posts, please forward this post on and ask them to subscribe by email here. You can also find our subscription form in the side bar under "Let's Connect".

We would love to hear your thoughts about the look of our new website. Please have a browse and provide your feedback. Feel free to leave a comment below or contact us directly by email.

Look forward to hearing from you.

SbyD x