Five Minutes With... Mexsii Bedheads.

So today's post is a long one, but I promise, a good one!

As I have previously said, every now and then I come across products in my industry that seriously stop me in my tracks. They are super gorgeous and completely inspiring. It makes me want to learn about the Creatives behind these designs and in particular, ask them who are you and how did you create something so gorgeous?!  So today I want to share with you a recent interview I had with Merryn & Sarah, the founders of Mexsii Bedheads

Mexsii bedhead1
Mexsii bedhead2

Wow, right? So gorgeous, so much colour and such a statement for the bedroom!

Mexsii Bedheads create upholstered bed heads using original artwork, curated from Australian designers, printed on 100% linen.  There is a strong focus on creating something ethically sound, producing minimal waste and supporting local talent.  Without a doubt, colour and nature-inspired designs influence their work. 

Mexsii bedhead3

I just love your products! Did you always want to do something creative? Was this your plan through life?

Merryn: I have always been a creative person and have been surrounded by art and design my whole life.  But, some strange reason despite this creative upbringing, I decided to study Medical Science when I left school. Obviously I got a semester in and finished that up pretty quickly; it was not for me at all! I am happiest when I am drawing and designing. I had a realisation just before starting my upholstery apprenticeship that my life path was to do something creative. When creating, I am completely immersed in a task and lose all track of time, something I am yet to experience when doing other things.

Sarah: It’s quite funny as I initially studied Podiatry at University before similarly to Merryn, getting one semester in and quitting. Despite being really drawn to art in many forms, I never felt confident in creating a career out of these interests. When Merryn approached me with her idea I was so excited and with time it became more apparent that being creative was something that had always been inside me (which is no surprise to my Mum who is an amazing seamstress and just all round super creative and crafty). I now couldn’t imagine doing anything else career wise. 



But what about starting your own business? It's one thing to have a career change and transition into something new, but did you always know you wanted to start your own business?

Merryn: Yes, in fact Sarah and I previously worked together about 8 years ago now and even back then joked about starting a business together. I love knowing that together we have created a new product and brand that people connect with. It’s a very rewarding feeling!

Sarah: I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit as I have been surrounded by small business my whole life. My Dad has his own business, so growing up, he was able to pick me up from school and hang out in the afternoon. I always look back on these memories and think how lucky I was that his job allowed him to do this. I think from an early age I just considered this the norm and wouldn’t want it any other way when I have children.

Mexsii bedhead4

So what's your style? Is Mexsii a reflection of you? Do you have a similar style and taste in fashion?

Merryn: My fashion style is more toned down and classic. I love basic elements with subtle details that make beautiful shapes or textures. I then like adding in pops of colour with accessories such as a bag, scarf or jewellery.

Sarah: I often joke that I get dressed in the dark. I’m always teaming outrageous colours together, yet it always seems to work! Colourful dressing makes me happy and I love finding gorgeous second hand clothing gems.  

Being a start-up in a new industry can be daunting and challenging! What have you done to get your name and new business out there?

Sarah: Being a start up it’s always tricky to get your product and brand noticed, however as our product is so unique we have found people are naturally quite interested…Doing a photo shoot in a cactus farm is a pretty great way to stand out from the crowd too! (We think so too!)

We use social media as a really powerful networking tool – you’d be surprised how accessible high profile people in the industry are, it’s really refreshing! 

We are also going to be exhibiting at Life Instyle in August and we make the most out of every networking opportunity that comes our way. We recently did a workshop from The School with Megan Morton and it was just a great way to get our name out there and spend an evening with some amazingly creative ladies! 

I think you guys are going to be something huge! What's been your greatest achievement so far?

Merryn: Being in Real Living magazine after only having our website up for a month! 

So let's talk about your current range... What's your favourite? 

Merryn: Moroccan eye, I love to style this with the combination of relaxing and rejuvenating greens found in the artwork. For me, working so hard every day in our business makes having a quiet space to relax in at night and turn my brain off very important.

Sarah: Coral Earth, I love the grounding colours – they remind me of the African landscape and my adventures in that amazing continent.

Mexsii bedhead Moroccan Eye
Mexsii bedhead coral earth

You say that your designs and colours (including their names) are influenced by nature and your love for travel. Where have you travelled so far?

Sarah: I have travelled extensively throughout South & Central America, Mexico, Cuba, Europe, Africa, India & South East Asia. I’m definitely a gypsy at heart and love the feeling of being in a constant state of child like wonder when exploring new cultures.

I think collaborating with other talents in the industry is a great way to learn something new, get new exposure and create something unique.  If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

Merryn: The ultimate would be to take different route and work with someone in fashion like Sass&Bide. These ladies march to the beat of their own drum, not following trends but being inspired by travels and their love of the individual, this is something we all always look for in a collaborator.

So one last thing before you guys go, I always love to ask - Coffee or tea? Any favourite spots?

Merryn: Coffee. 15 Pound in Fairfield. The owner John and I often joke that their tables are my office and soon I will be paying rent!

Sarah: Usually herbal tea, but these late nights have seen me develop a mild addiction to black coffee! I’m loving Industry Beans and Mitte in Fitzroy.

A big thanks to Merryn & Sarah from Mexsii Bedheads for participating in this interview and giving us such an insight into their business. I wish you both the best of luck and look forward to working with you!

You can check out Mexsii Bedheads full collection here

SbyD x

Image Sources: All images kindly provided by Mexsii Bedheads.