Nursery week: The Timeless Interior.

A friend of mine recommended that I visit Restoration Hardware Baby & Child while in the US for some interior inspiration for the nursery. So I do and wow! What a place!  Where were you when I was a kid??

RH Baby & Child is not just a store that sells children's furniture and accessories.  It is way more than this. It is an experience, a way to cultivate a place where children can dream.  No really, this place can make you feel this way.

The girl on the left could seriously have been me...

As a child, I LOVED my bedroom.  Not necessarily because it had the top of the range of anything! In fact I had a desk that was sourced from the local Salvation Army store and painted white to suit my room and a bed that was passed down to me from my grandma. But what I loved about my bedroom, was that it gave me the opportunity to do my "stuff". To build my dreams, and be creative (draw endlessly in my sketch books & write my next BIG story in my endless supply of notebooks), listen to my favourite tunes, play dress ups with my sister and read my favourite books.  

And this is what we all want to create for our own children's room.  To build a space that makes them happy and gives them the opportunity to be themselves and do the things they love. 

RH Baby & Child is a luxury children's furniture and accessories company. Their designs are classic and timeless. At the core of their design, they offer parents a way to create beautiful spaces that can evolve over time gracefully, agelessly and transcend all trends. They focus on combining subdued colour palettes of white, creams, neutral shades, pastel pinks and blues, and muted metallics. The key ingredient in their design lies in the layers of texture that make up a space. The mixture of cotton, wool, fur, linen, leather, metal, wood... It blows my mind!

Look at the mix of textures here?!

RH Baby & Child designs are a fusion of provincial, industrial and rustic finishes.  The styles of furniture are classic and functional.

This is so practical.

Luckily for us, RH Baby & Child ship to Australia. So if you are looking to recreate something special with RH Baby & Child, shoot me an email and I can help you get started. Download their Source Book, make yourself a coffee or tea, sit back and be inspired to create something as magical as this.

Anything is possible with a room like this right?

SbyD x

Image sources all from RH Baby & Child Source Book.

Please note, this post is not sponsored by Restoration Hardware Baby & Child.  I just loved the store and its concept that I couldn't help but share it with you.