5 finds we love from Blu Dot.

We discovered Blu Dot over two years on our first trip to the US. Since then, the business has grown dramatically and they now operate a store from Sydney, as well as a good on-line website.

Blu Dot is one of those companies that has found the perfect balance between producing quality, modern furniture pieces at a reasonable price. They pride themselves on producing useful, affordable and desirable furniture, and we totally agree with them! A perfect place to shop if you are looking for sleek, contemporary and colourful furniture for your home.

There are MANY pieces we LOVE, but here's our top 5 picks: 

Hot Mesh Chair.

2 / Modu-licious #3 storage unit ----->

Price: AU$1,299.00

As they aptly describe it, "Drawers and doors are your canvas"! Mix or match door colours with timber finishes to create your own unique style.

cant desk blu dot

4 / Toro Lounge Chair ----->

Price: AU$1,599.00

This chair will leave you hanging in style with its well crafted leather seat and design. Add contrast to your seating arrangement with this gem.

turn stool blu dot.jpg

 <----- 1 / Hot Mesh Chair

Price: AU$149.00 each

Add colour and texture to your dining area with these cool chairs. Bring the outdoors in we say!


Modu-licious #3 storage unit.

<----- 3 / Cant Desk

Price: AU$799.00

The perfect solution to any small living space. Its unique shape and pop of colour will get you excited about working again. 

Toro Lounge Chair.

 <------ 5 / Turn Stool

Price: AU$399.00

It's soft round timber features and innovative felt top gives you both function and form. You can interchange the felt colours to match your decor and mood. 

Do you see any of these great designs working in your home? If you are not living in Sydney, then don't fear, you can purchase all these gorgeous items online here.

SbyD x

All images kindly sourced from Blu Dot.

Please note, this post was not sponsored or paid for by Blu Dot.