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When I travel somewhere new, I try to immerse myself in the local culture as much as possible. Whether this is attending street markets, eating the local cuisine or supporting a local sports team at a game. For me, its all part and parcel of trying to understand and appreciate another way of living. This without a doubt, makes Australia such an amazing place to live as we share this beautiful country with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds (including my family). 

When Elisa contacted me from Third Wing to introduce herself, she proposed that perhaps there was a synergy between our businesses, based on our love for travel and the importance we both place on bringing these memories home with us. And she was right! So, I welcomed this opportunity to interview her about Third Wing and how travel has influenced her and the business.

Third Wing Store

Elisa and Michael are business partners who co-founded and own Third Wing, a beautiful boutique store that offers diverse, authentic homewares & accessories sourced from around the world. It truly is a global experience with a broad spectrum of finds including handmade jewellery (locally made by them!), street art from New York City, ceramic pieces from Morocco and hand carved pieces from Africa.

A big thank you to Elisa and Michael for their responses!

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Did you always want to do something creative? Was this your plan through life?

We sure did, however we didn’t know Third Wing was part of our plan!

Did you always know you wanted to start your own business?

Yes and no.. It’s something we both always dreamt of, but it wasn’t a primary focus for either of us so when we did decide to go forward with Third Wing it was an exciting realisation!

First time start up? How do you plan to market your product? Get your name out there? 

Yes this is our first business venture, and we spent a long time planning and day dreaming. Social media is a big help with marketing and getting the name out there, but nothing compares to word of mouth and so many of our lovely customers continually tell us how they’re spreading the word for us which is always the greatest compliment. Local advertising in street publications as well as features on blogs like this, always helps too! 

Greatest achievement so far?

Designing our own jewellery range and having it be so well received.

third wing jewellery

I love the diverse range of products you have in your store and how it all still works together.  What was your inspiration for the items selected? Why a global theme? Do you source the items yourself?

Thank you :) The world and its ever evolving diversity is very much an inspiration for our selection. We decided on a global theme as its inclusive and relevant to everyone, something most people can connect and relate to. We love the multicultural diversity that exists in so many other areas such as fashion, food and travel, having a retail experience that can facilitate the same in a merged environment made sense to us. We do select each item ourselves, and travel has been, is and (hopefully) always be, a big part of our lives. 

third wing store products

In three words, what is your design style?  Is it the same as your fashion sense? 

Our design and fashion styles are both eclectic, niche and worldly.

What is your favourite item from your range?

Hard question as we love everything we chose! But at the moment it would have to be our hand made juju hats all the way from Africa, they’re beautiful and adorn any space so nicely!

Coffee or tea? Favourite spot?

Drugstore a few doors down from us serve a mean coffee!

third wing jewellery stones

A big thanks to Elisa & Michael from Third Wing for participating in this interview and giving us such an insight into their business. I wish you both the best of luck and look forward to working with you!

You can check out Third Wing's collection on-line here, or visit their store at 2/180 Toorak Road, South Yarra, Melbourne, 3141 VIC.

SbyD x

Image sources: All images kindly provided by Third Wing.