BOOK/CLUB: Advice from Alex.

For this week's Book/Club post, Alex Legendre, co-author of our chosen book this month, A Life Less Ordinary, has answered a few questions about her homewares business with Zoe and how she finds the perfect pieces for her home. So generous with her time, Alex has responded and here's what she had to say! 


1 / Both you and Zoe have pursued a passion in life and created it into a life-long career. What advice do you have for readers who long to do something they love but haven’t quite yet found a way to get there. 

Sometimes the things we love to do just aren't realistic as a job but that is what spare time is for! As long as you can do your passion for some of your time you will be fulfilled and maybe eventually it will become a full time reality.

Keep giving your dream positive energy and keep passionate about it, believe it will happen.

2 / Many of us love the idea of shopping and searching for a piece of history for our home. But its not an easy feat! What tips can you share on finding a vintage piece, full of history and personal value. 

Finding a vintage piece is a bit easier in the UK as we have so many fairs and shops. I would say go to all of your local boot fairs & markets and always scout for goodies. I have a loft full of things that I will use one day. When you're an addict like me, you never come home empty handed.

And as far as history or personal value go, once you become the owner of a vintage item, you become the custodian. It is now personal to you and the romance is the history you imagine the item has had - thats what we fall in love with.

Zoe and I do all the buying for the shop and we usually talk each other into extravagant indulgences to take home too !!


3 / We are huge believers in creating a space that is a reflection of its owners. There is a synergy between your style of interior decorating and home personality.  How have you tried to do this with your own store and home?

I love to create and change both spaces, they constantly evolve. Thats the beauty and I never get bored of it. I can walk into the shop in the morning and say to Hana (my assistant) "Let's rip this place apart!" and when we leave in the evening, its a totally different shop. It is so rewarding and it keeps it fresh for us and the customers.

Home is the same. It keeps changing - if its flowers, plants, cushions and rugs, they can be seasonal and colourful. Things constantly get added or taken away (thats another great reason for the big attic).

A big THANK YOU to Alex for sharing her wisdom and insights into her life and home. Alex has also advised me that her beautiful home will be featured in the July/August issue of Vogue Living. So keep a look out for this!

If you haven't already purchased our chosen book for the month, you can now do it, here.

A Life Less Ordinary.

SbyD x

Images sourced via: Igigi General Store's Pinterest Page here