Travelling abroad with Brooke Holm.

This month I ordered a copy of Fete Press, the Winter edition. Fete is all about styling, entertaining and party planning with a focus on interiors, fashion and travel. So naturally I was compelled to read it.

The article Travelling Abroad... Canada by Brooke Holm was a favourite read.  I was familiar with Brooke's work, following her on Instagram (a stunning visual diary of her travels), viewing her beautiful interior images on The Design Files and reading all about her much loved photography workshops held collaboratively with Megan Morton's The School. Californian born, Melbourne based photographer is carving her path into the Australian design community! 

Photo by Brooke herself via The Design Files!

Photo by Brooke herself via The Design Files!

Photography by Brooke Holm. Shareen Joel's beach house in Sorrento, VIC. 

Photography by Brooke Holm. Shareen Joel's beach house in Sorrento, VIC. 

Photography by Brooke Holm for Inside Out Magazine.

Photography by Brooke Holm for Inside Out Magazine.

Canada by Brooke Holm is a personal account of her recent family vacation to Golden, British Columbia. Brooke shares with us her passion for spending time outdoors (with her camera!) and her love for the chilly season!

I was born in the middle of winter. The crisp cold air was the first element of nature to which I was exposed. Some odd logic tells me this could be the reason I am so drawn to it.

The photographs are BREATH TAKING, right?  You can almost feel the love Brooke possesses for nature, as she captures the landscape so vividly and in exquisite detail through her lens.

There is something about standing on a mountain that gives me a serious boost of energy. It's amazing how I can feel so tiny in comparison...

The rich, thick snow that drenches the Canadian landscape beholds a peaceful and tranquil location for a reunited family vacation. A holiday here will no doubt be filled with joy and laugher, gathered around the fireplace, sharing hot drinks and hearty meals. 

On return from her vacation, Brooke now sleeps under a large-scale print of the snowy forest in Golden.

It's a gentle reminder firstly of how fortunate I was to be there and secondly, that there is nothing stopping me from going back.

canada by brooke holm

After reading Brooke's article, I found myself inspired to experience something similar, to be exposed to the elements and engulfed by nature... Fortunately I am making my way to Canada next month, and although it will be summer, I hope to connect with the outdoors and soak up its beauties in the same way it has touched Brooke's heart. 

deer in canada by brooke holm

You can view more stunning images of Brooke's trip to Canada on her website here. Oh, and let me know your thoughts on Fete Press, the Winter edition if you have read it too - I loved it! You can purchase a copy online here or at good newsagents around town.

SbyD x

Photography by Brooke Holm