BOOK/CLUB: The Real Home.

Spaces, Volume Two begins by sharing this quote with its readers: There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. A sweet quote by a favourite, Jane Austen. 

And I think it aptly sets the scene for what you see, read and feel in this book. Filled with 24 authentic and personally-inspired interiors, you are transported and welcomed into these "homes" with open arms.  This book not only shares with you the features and functionality of each home, but explores the life stories of its occupiers. We soon learn that its character, colour and creative elements are a reflection of the people who live in it.

ingrid weir home

For Netti Vonthethoff who rents a colourful abode in Canberra with her three children, she was grateful that no renovation had taken place in her 1960's oasis. Netti has a real passion for retro and vintage pieces, although she refuses to label her love for this style. "I live it and breathe it and love it and it makes me happy. Its not something I've just discovered; I went through it when it was really uncool". Netti shares with us that her love for everything old, dates back to her rough childhood, and the time she spent living with her grandparents.  And no doubt, her home reflects this "vintage" passion to its fullest. 

And this is equally the case for Kelly White who lives in a 1940's house in Kyeemagh, NSW. Kelly operates a crafty business from home, Made by White. Her home is a place of creativity and imagination and this transcends into her lifestyle with her boyfriend, Treva. Her walls are adorned with premium vintage finds and corners literally bursting with strange and colourful curiosities collected from across the globe. Kelly is a keen collector and she happily displays her treasures throughout her home. 

spaces book interior 1
laura jones home

What we begin to discover is each occupier's desire and ability to embrace the original bones and design of their home. They are not swayed by current trends and modern aesthetics, in fact, they are passionate about original features and vintage pieces that share a story and history. It is these elements that make them feel at home and comfortable. 

frankie magazine interiors 2

For Ash and Ross, who live in a modest apartment in Redfern, NSW, recycled furniture is an essential ingredient to their style of living.  "Our house is furnished entirely with recycled furniture from family, friends and the back lane ways of Sydney's Inner West. Ross and I are big believers in reusing and repurposing, not only as a tiny step in easing our environmental footprint, but also because we love the idea of inheriting objects with their own stories and history."

While Ash and Ross have only lived in their apartment for just over a year, it definitely feels like home to them.  "I think I'm beginning to realise that it's not the walls that make the home: it's the stories, the collected treasures, the makeshift garden, the music, and most importantly, the people you share it with. Home is where the love is". 

frankie magazine interiors 3

And I couldn't agree anymore.  This year, we have been living out of a suitcase. So I've learnt how to travel with the bare essentials.  But equally I have also learnt that what makes me happy is not whether my home is filled with the latest trends or resembles a space straight from a page of a magazine. While I don't recommend living out a suitcase for any long term period (!!), when we finally settle, I look forward to the memories I make with my husband, family and friends in our new place.  To the dinners we will entertain and to the nights-in we will share together.  I will adorn my home with memories of the past, whether they are pieces we have found and collected along our travels or items we have inherited from our family and friends.  I will decorate our space in colours that remind me of places I've visited and loved.  These are the elements that for me, will make my house, my home. And for me, this may mean reusing and repurposing items, but may also include something new, because it sparked or triggered a memory of my past that has made me smile. Home is where I am happy and comfortable to be, well me. 

So tell me, do you feel the same?

Di x

All images via Frankie Magazine, Spaces Volume Two.