Today we touch down in New York City after spending an amazing long weekend on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia for our friends' wedding. I had never heard of Salt Spring Island until our friends told us that they would marry here. Our friend's mother lives here and so he spent many summers on the island during his childhood. It is so idyllic, peaceful and relaxing, a whole summer here would wash away any worries from the mainland and take you into tranquil bliss. Our friends' wedding was magical. So so so beautiful. The backdrop of the landscape, lake, yachts and glorious sunshine made it feel like a fairytale. Congrats to our beautiful friends, they looked so so happy and in love. Got to love weddings!

So back to the USA for for us today! Inspired by my travel this month to NYC, I have chosen the following book by my all-time favourite stylist, Sibella CourtThe Stylist's Guide to NYC. Travel takes on a new purpose when you indulge in the wonders of design from another part of the world, as this book demonstrates...

the stylists guide to NYC
Sibella Court and one of her styled interiors. Image via Temple & Webster blog.

Sibella Court and one of her styled interiors. Image via Temple & Webster blog.

For design aficionados, this is a shopping list to the best design spots in the Big Apple! Inside you will find not only your traditional design stores, like ABC Home and John Derian, but other bits & bobs like where to shop for flowers, authentic hardware and the best coffee in town! To make things easy, Sibella has shared her favourite locations and designed shopping routes to maximise your time and shopping experience while you weave and meander your way through the city. 

the stylists guide to nyc book 1
smith and mills nyc

So for this month, instead of discussing with you what makes this book so special to me, I hope to show you... as I make my way through NYC, as recommended by SIbella Court!

Purchase your copy here and be prepared for your next adventure to New York City. 

The Stylist's Guide to NYC.

Di x