SbyD Travels: The allure of the US.

If you've never been to the US, then your concept of the country may be limited to what you see on TV and read in magazines. So it may surprise you to hear that it's not all about Hollywood and glam-style living.  There isn't a movie star on each corner of LA and not everyone lives in an amazing condo. 

Since starting my own business, I find that I now live and breath interior design all day long and this includes while I'm away too. So here's what I'm looking forward to over the next couple of months while I travel in and around the US. 

san francisco tram
Photography of San Francisco available through Etsy.

Photography of San Francisco available through Etsy.

SAN FRANCISCO | Rediscovering San Francisco city.  Our stop will be brief but the last time I visited this city I was still a practising lawyer, so I explored the city from a different perspective. This time I'll be following the local recommendations of blogger, Victoria, from SF Girl By Bay's including her favourite cafes, design stores and foodie spots. Plus, maybe jumping on a tram one more time!

wythe hotel interior
design sponge brooklyn guide
Photography by Julien Dubedout.

Photography by Julien Dubedout.

NEW YORK CITY | The bliss of returning to this amazing city gets me unbelievably excited! Even just writing this post gives me butterflies! Eek! Exploring NYC is endless... On our return this time, I hope to visit new places on Manhattan island following the carefully curated design routes by my all time favourite stylist, Sibella Court, from her book "The Stylist's Guide to New York City" (which coincidentally is our new read for this month's Book Club!).

I also hope to spend some quality time in Brooklyn, which on my last visit, did not fall on my radar... Grace Bonney, founder of Design*Sponge, lives in Brooklyn and has prepared a guide of her local favourite spots in and around her neighbourhood... and when I finish, a drink at the Wythe Hotel will no doubt be on the agenda! 

Image via Pinterest.

Image via Pinterest.

L.A | According to Forbes, Silverlake is one of LA's hipster neighbourhoods so you'll probably find me here eager to discover what this neighbourhood has to offer for our homes! Our stop In LA will also be an opportunity to rendezvous with our newly-made local friends in some of LA's coolest cafes, including Eat.Drink.Americano. But let's be honest, the beach, the sand, the sun and the palm trees is what this town is all about! 

Oh, and not once did I mention Hollywood or a celeb! 

SbyD x

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