Montana Musings.

LA is perfect everyday. Sunny and breezy all day long in Santa Monica. The perfect combination for me really. The other day we had an entire day of cloud. It was overcast. I think it put the locals into a shamble. They seemed a little lost. But it didn't last long, the next day, the sun was out, in all its glory and predicability.

santa monica beach.jpg

On this return to LA, we are living once again in Santa Monica but for this stay, we have moved from Venice to Montana Ave. And I am in love. It is so picture perfect here and not just the people. It's less touristy than in the heart of Santa Monica and Venice areas. It makes me feel more settled and at home. It's nice.

From where I am living, I can easily walk to Montana Ave. Having visited this area previously, I had already tested and tried the local cafes so on my return, I knew exactly where to go. Primo Passo Coffee Co makes pretty good coffee here as well as Caffe Luxxe (in case you're taking notes). My morning routine usually involves a walk down to Primo for a "to go" coffee before I start my day's work.  


The city is starting to look forward to Halloween. A local florist brings out her Halloween displays and shares them with the locals on the street. I wish I could be here for Halloween. Oh how much fun it would be. It's a funny holiday celebration when you think about it. I really don't know the history behind it and from an outsider's perspective, it can seem odd (celebrating with pumpkins, black cats and spiders!).  But as the stores bring out their decoration and treats for sale, I can only feel excited about it. 

montanan ave collage

Montana has a few nice breakfast spots, something which has been difficult to find in LA. The locals are not so much morning people as we are in Melbourne. The city comes to life by midday. On the weekend we enjoyed a morning breakfast at Blue Plate, which involved some great egg options. Marmalade Cafe, a little closer to home, was also a winner. One of my favourite spots along this street is Kafe Kreation for their extraordinary on-the-spot juices. My favourite is the feel better option. I really do feel good after it. In saying that, I've decided I'm off to get one now!

Have a nice weekend :)

Di x

All photos taken by me.