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Creativity at Work.

Welcome to BOOK/CLUB this month! Have you had a chance to read Creativity at Work by Heather Clawson? What are your thoughts? 

Creativity at Work delves into the lives and work spaces of creative talents in the US. Each designer shares with us what motivates them, what inspires their work and what lessons they've learnt along the way to their own success. The turn of each page, the story of each designer made it clear to me that there is no one straight and narrow road to follow. There is only YOUR WAY.  Funnily enough, I also discovered that there are however, a few common characteristics when it came to being a creative individual. Here's what I discovered:

1 | Travel is an inspiration.

I love to travel...As good as books and magazines are, its nothing like being in a space. That's where you really learn about proportion and scale and excitement... You're never going to be a great designer until you go into spaces and analyse and feel them. - Bunny Williams, Interior Designer.

For me there's nothing more inspiring than travel....You're eating new things, shopping in new places, and just generally plopped into new surroundings, which is always good because it makes you pay attention to what's going on around you. - Mickey Boardman, Editorial Director Paper. 

Image one.

Image one.

2 | Be yourself.

Dawn Mello once said, "Stay pure and true to your designs and you will always succeed". She is correct...never get off the path you started on. Your customers will always be there for you. - John Truex & Richard Lambertson, Design Directors, Tiffany & Co. 

Do what you are passionate about and make yourself happy; this will make those around you happy as well. - Carlos Huber, Architect & Perfumer. 

Don't stray - stick to your gut. - Jenna Lyons, Creative Director, J Crew.

If you believe in something substantially, you go for it.  - Joel Chen, Antiques Dealer, JF Chen.

free people free spirit

3 | Your passion is your work.

My life is really my work and my work is my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I've never understood how to keep them separate! I think you have to commit to that from the moment you start your own company. - Chris Benz, Fashion Designer.

It's a ton of work - but I never take for granted that I'm doing something I love and which makes me happy. - Peter Som, Fashion Designer.

It ain't a job, it's a pleasure. - Jonathan Adler, Potter and Designer.

If you love what you do, everything will balance itself out. - George Nunno & Jon Maroto, Owners, Flair Home. 

Do what you love, and do it with passion and commitment to excellence... no matter what. - Alessandra Branca, Interior Designer.

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4 | Stay inspired.

I learned to think outside the box; to always look at something new; to be creative and never turn your back on new ideas and new possibilities. - Bunny Williams, Interior Designer. 

Everything you can imagine is real. - Pablo Picasso. (FYI Pablo obviously wasn't interviewed as part of this book, however, his quote was loved by a creative in the book and it felt fitting to use it here). 

Image four.

Image four.

It seems to me that while you are able to define and set your own path to success, creativity will undoubtedly put you on the right track. So tell me, what do you do that is creative? Be it, for work or life generally?

SbyD x

All images via Free People. All quotes taken from Creativity at Work By Heather Clawson.