SbyD Project: Twins' bedroom.

At the start of this year, I was blessed to meet a beautiful client who required assistance with a bedroom project.  She and her husband have the pleasure of spending one night each week with their two grandchildren, who are twins! My client was very eager to create a special place for her grandchildren to sleep in. She asked me to design something that was playful and fun, full of colour and very modern - a complete contrast to her period style home. She wanted the room to reflect her grandchildren's fun & bubbly personalities.

The bedroom is modest in size, but has beautiful tall ceilings and a detailed ceiling rose around the light fitting. Given the children share their sleeping quarters, it was important to ensure there was plenty of storage for their clothes, toys and books. My client's only request was to keep the children's existing beds in the space. Luckily for us, they were gorgeous!

My client informed me that the twins' are great friends, but have opposite interests. Her granddaughter loves everything pink, as well as fairies and princesses. In contrast my client's grandson loves blue and his favourite characters include the Transformers and robots. So how do we gel these two opposing interests?

See our BEFORE and AFTER photos below.


The twins' bedroom | Before.

The twins' bedroom | Before.

Toy storage unit.

Toy storage unit.

The twins' bedroom. 



The room came alive with an abundance of light, colour and pattern! Instead of going neutral and using pink and blue as pop accents for the space, we decided to be more bold! The polka dots and Armadillo&Co rug helped integrate these colours in the one space. And from what we've heard, the children love their own little space in their shared bedroom. 

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SbyD x

All AFTER photos taken by Martina Gemmola