SPOTTED: Sagitine.

Storage solutions are always common topics of discussion with my clients, in particular those who live in small spaces. And especially when it comes to shoes! Yes! How many of us battle with practical storage solutions when it comes to our shoe collection?

For many of us, the open display of shoes wildly lined at the front door or the junk yard heap forming underneath the bed are all too common places for our ever growing collection. Not only an inconvenient location, but having to get down on all fours each day to finalise your outfit selection gets tedious...very quickly.

Thankfully I've recently discovered the world of Sagitine... the MOST stylish, practical and flexible way to store and care for your shoe collection! These beautiful and simple storage boxes in black or white finishes are sold individually, in handy packs or grouped together ever-so-smartly in a stream-lined stand.


The shoe box starts from $45 each (crazy) with a few sizes options available to suitably store other essential items in the home. I am particularly in love with the attention to detail in each product. Paper lined interiors to preserve the quality of your collections with leather trim handles and gold/silver metallic buttons... No doubt, your collection will feel like a designer's one, even if they are not. 

You can view and purchase the entire range at Sagitine's on-line store, here

SbyD x