Colour-drenched St Barths.

For a long-time I have wanted to visit the Caribbean. In my mind, the Caribbean has always represented the epitome of pure indulgence and a slice of paradise. With many islands being owned (or previously owned) by the British or French colonies, their tropical ambiance has always been fuelled in my mind by its colonial culture, exotic dark timber features and European-inspired furniture. 

Fortunately last year for my honeymoon, I was blessed with the opportunity to visit two stunning islands in the Caribbean and my lifelong fantasy lived up to its expectations, in fact, surpassed it! (You can read about my experiences in the Caribbean in my previous posts here and here).  Colour is the backbone of the Caribbean. Whether its nature itself, the pastel facades of the local buildings or the happy, personable nature of its local people, the Caribbean is a certainly colourful affair. 

So when I stumbled across this beautiful hotel on the celebrity-prized island of St Barths, the hotel's recently refurbished transformation struck a cord with me. If you've never been to the Caribbean and want to know what its like, take a look at La Banane.

Vibrant and bold colours adorn this beautiful resort to reflect the colours of the Caribbean and the resort's mascot, the Macaw  - including its intense yellow and turquoise ocean-green walls, as well as the pops of red decor. And the hotel's subtle undertones of the modernist era only add to the warmth and inviting nature of the interior.

With only 9 one-bedroom bungalows available, outdoor bathrooms, private verandahs, two pools, a library and lounge and a funky bar (no doubt) serving heavenly cocktails, this sun-drenched boutique hotel offers unlimited opportunities for relaxation and satisfies every little bit of my Caribbean fantasy.... Perhaps a visit is on the cards for our next anniversary? 

SbyD x

All images sourced via La Banane

PS Did you see the coral inspired handles on the bedroom closet doors?!! Love!!