Are you in the mood for Marsala?

If you're a fanatical Pinterest user or love to read interior magazines, then no doubt you've already learned that this year is all about the colour Marsala (well, according to Pantone anyway). 

By Caroline Gent.

What's so good about Marsala?

According to the experts at Pantone, Marsala is a subtle, seductive shade with earthy undertones. It's warm, rich palette works equally well with other warm tones like browns and pinks, as well as neutral fresh colours like green and even cool tones light grey.  Given these characteristics, Marsala appeals to both men and women, making it an extremely versatile colour!  

I find the colour to be quite sophisticated, with an almost "grown-up" feel about it. I have definitely seen plenty of this colour come through fashion already, but can it work equally as well in our homes? Here's how to apply it:

For BIG impact. Apply the colour in volume, on walls, doors and large statement furniture pieces in the home.

one: (left), (right). 

one: (left), (right). 

To add warmth (in accents). Restrain and apply the colour only in small doses. Think of it as an accessory to your space. 


I'm really loving the idea of introducing this warm colour through accessories, especially these rugs!  While it can be subtle in nature, in large volumes (ie on walls and large furniture items), it feels too strong for me. What I do love however is the idea of mixing it with warm timbers and metallics like copper as accents in the home.  

Forget the home.

four: Clockwise from left (a), (b) and (c). 

four: Clockwise from left (a), (b) and (c)

If it's still not hitting the spot for you, save it for your wardrobe. These items are definitely a YES for me!

So what are your thoughts on Pantone's colour of the year? Yes or No for your home?

SbyD x

By the way, the beautiful Marsala moodboard at the beginning of this post was created by a good friend of mine, Caroline. You will be seeing a little more of Caroline on this blog in the future. We are joining forces and seeing where it takes us. So stay tuned!