How-to go big and bold with colour.

Using colour in the home is all about expressing your personality. Depending on which colour you choose and how much you apply, it will create a mood for your space. I'm still working my way up to being bold with volume, but I'm really loving the pink door and sky-blue kitchen below...

How about you? Is colour a dominant feature in your home?

1 // Use colour on the walls (and ceiling). This is becoming increasing popular in our homes... Moving away from the painted feature wall, today we are all about one colour for all four walls... and the ceiling. Gone are the days of the white ceiling. 


2 // Choose colour for your big ticket items. If painting the walls and ceiling is a little too much to handle, you can still make a statement by applying colour to your furniture. Being bold is not about choosing a cushion or throw in a bright colour, its about extending it to feature pieces of the home. To make this worth your while, consider colours that are versatile and that you particularly love. After all, buying a new sofa or rug each year is not an economical exercise. 

Three + Four.

3 // Introduce colour through pattern. Whether it be stripes, floral or abstract designs, the key to being bold is about volume. Use LOTS of colourful patterns and prints. Create layers by mixing large and small prints together. To make this scenario work, tie your patterns and prints together by using a cohesive colour palette (we don't want your space to feel like a circus) and achieve balance by using neutral tones.  


4 // Apply colour in unexpected ways. To create the element of surprise, paint your floor in colour, pair your dining chairs to match a hue in a striking piece of artwork or apply a vibrant shade to the internal doors of your home. In all these cases, the dramatic impact is achieved through the unexpected use of colour. What do you think? 

SbyD x

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