Redesign how you work.

With many of us returning to work this week or the next, this is another exciting chapter to the new year. Where do I want my work to go this year? What am I aiming for? What are my goals and ambitions professionally? 

But so many of us perceive the return to work as the end to "fun times". (Well after all the holidays have finished... right?) But does it have to really be this way? A few years back, I returned to work with these sorts of feelings... ultimately leading to a big life change by moving out of the law and into the world of design. And thankfully, this changed EVERYTHING (including my "Sunday night blues" which apparently started in the late afternoon according to my husband, have now disappeared!). 

For those of us with far less dramatic issues and perhaps simply just a case of mondayitis,  a great way to ease yourself back into "work mode" is to consider the space you are working within... and fix it up!

Style and decorate your work space. Make your designated work station/office/room accommodate your needs, reflect who you are and inspire. Don't let those corporate four walls or second bedroom details dictate how your space should look. You spend so much time at work, you need to feel creative, motivated and in love with your space. Yes, its true. Give yourself permission to care about your work space like you care about your home. 

So let's begin...The first thing you'll need to do is decorate your walls - whether its an office, a cubicle space or a corner in the living room, don't let those neutral, dull surroundings be your source of inspiration! Add some art, whether its a print, poster or photograph that brings a smile to your face. Maybe a city you'd love to visit one day? Or an inspiring quote? Or a collection of family photos from a recent vacation?

Prints by Blacklist Studio.

Prints by Blacklist Studio.

Departure Lounge by Carla Coulson.

Departure Lounge by Carla Coulson.

Secondly, add some life to your space by introducing a pot plant, fresh flowers or any sort of greenery that tickles your fancy. Don't just do one pot either, collect a few, mix it up in different pots, introduce a scent and bring in a stand to sit it on. Adding flora to your area is known to increase energy levels and make you feel more alive. So let's be creative!

Image via Smitten Studio. 

Image via Smitten Studio

Finally, no office is set without an ideal stationary set to make you feel like everything you write and collate is important as the next task. Invest in a nice pen set, colourful notepads, quirky post-it pads and whatever else your work day requires. If the things you work with are beautiful, you will appreciate it more. 

The Daily Edited desktop, correspondence and leather range is divine. 

The Daily Edited desktop, correspondence and leather range is divine. 

There are a million other ideas you can do to personalise and create a beautiful space to work within, so don't just limit yourself to the above suggestions. What about a new desk lamp? A whiteboard/pinboard/pegboard where you can brainstorm project ideas? Or storage solutions in your favourite colour or metallic finish? Where you can, keep on changing your decor details as the year progresses to keep it feeling fresh and fun. 

While these suggestions are not ground-breaking solutions, I think its important to find ways to enjoy the simple things in life. You'll be surprised what a difference taking such care of your work space will do to your mindset about work. 

Have you decorated your work space for the new year? If so, please share your details with us below!

SbyD x