A mediterranean summer house in Ibiza.

I'm so glad the beautiful summer weather is back in Melbourne. We had a couple of days over the weekend that made me reconsider which month we were in. The feeling of summer injects so much life into me - the heat, bright colours and the extended hours in the day for family time and fun! And there is no better place than southern Europe for the perfect summer escape. 

When you think of summer houses in the Mediterranean, no doubt your mind is filled with images of crisp white homes, ocean blue features, rustic timbers and the intoxicating view of the Mediterranean sea. 

This home in Ibiza is nothing short of classic Mediterranean style, but with a modern twist.

A touch of sophistication has influenced this casual, open living through the use of cool grey hues, striking patterns and modern European furniture (including a few mid-century classics). And don't forget the citrus yellow wishbone chairs that strike a pose in the airy, dining space. Love!

What would your ideal summer home look like? 

SbyD x

All images sourced via Nuevo Estilo.