SPOTTED: Florals by Ellie Cashman.

The fresh and vibrant feel of having plants and flowers inside the home has played a prominent role over the last few years in home interiors. To really capture the outdoors in circumstances where we find ourselves transitioning to smaller places, this style of living has suggested that we have felt less connected with nature. 

I suppose that our love for potted plants and gorgeous vessels displaying beautiful blooms has been our way to reconnect with the outdoors.  This trend has even extended to floral printed fabrics in cushions and bed linen. 

So to keep with this theme for today's post, let me introduce you to US born Ellie Cashman and her eye-popping floral range of wallpaper and fabrics. Trust me, you will be blown away.

To me, flowers are the ultimate symbols of hope and heartbreak.
— Ellie Cashman | Designer

Oh my goodness, there is such a wow factor in this floral design, isn't there? What a statement it makes in a neutral setting. I am completely smitten with it. This wallpaper went viral on Pinterest last year, forcing the designer to set up her own online store to meet the demands of her product world wide.

So what makes this floral design so much more popular today than perhaps a more traditional floral pattern? Here's my thoughts:

+ The colour palette is restrained and muted.  So the statement is not so much from the colours, but rather the impact the oversized florals create on the wall and in the space overall.

+ Given the proportion of the floral design, it's as if they appear to 'pop' from the wall, giving the impression the flowers are three-dimensional. This feeling creates depth in the space and introduces something new to home interiors. 

+ While flowers are generally considered to be quite feminine, the artistic and 'real-life' nature of these designs, make the pattern more versatile and appealing to a wider audience.

Ellie has more recently introduced her floral designs onto fabrics, expanding the versatile nature of these prints to soft furnishings, including cushions and curtains. 

Designer, Ellie Cashman.

Designer, Ellie Cashman.

So tell me, would you be bold enough to introduce the outdoors into your home this way? (It's a yes for me!). 

SbyD x

All images sourced via Ellie Cashman Design