BOOK/CLUB: Begin with blue.

Colour is becoming more readily sought after in the home, even though there is an inherent fear of using it! In fact, I've noticed that my clients have become more open to using colour in big ways like on walls, a rug and furniture.  

As you may have heard me say on numerous occasions, colour is such a great way to add personality to your home. Decorating with colour can have such a timeless appeal... I know this may shock you - but if you choose a colour (or few) that you love, why would you want to change it? 

So where to begin? 

Interior Designer Anna Spiro who is also the author of our current Book/Club read Absolutely Beautiful Things is renowned for using colour and pattern and a lot of it in her interiors! In fact, it is her signature style. Luckily for us, she shares with readers, her go-to approach to deal with colour in her client's home.

In her chapter on Colour, Anna shares with readers that the colour blue "forms a fantastic foundation upon which to layer other colours. It looks great with pink, orange, red, taupe, yellow and green". In fact she believes that blue and white is a "classic colour combination" that almost everyone loves. Anna has created many rooms around this colour palette and when she revisits them, she still holds as much love as the day she installed them into her client's home. 


So if you don't know where to start, perhaps begin with blue. Below I have collated a collection of spaces where the combination of blue and white have been used on their own or as the foundation for introducing other colours into the interior. 

What do you think about Anna's classic combination of blue & white? 

SbyD x

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