Anything but white kitchen spaces.

Three different but absolutely gorgeous kitchen spaces I'm into right now. What I particularly love is that not one kitchen is white. For those of us seeking to explore a colour palette other than classic white, could any of these options inspire you?


Rustic, weathered timber features complimented with native green features in teapot and eucalyptus foliage. This kitchen has an earthy, country feel about it. So relaxing and so inviting. Love the quirky different drawer knobs and the combination of rustic features with modern appliances.  


A more grander kitchen space than the previous, with a soaring ceiling and high quality finishes, including marble bench tops and modern appliances. The dark blue cabinetry adds a masculine feel to the space while the stainless steel features and timber elements provide an industrial vibe. The perfect combination for a heavy duty kitchen. 

In complete contrast how about this playful, colourful kitchen? By introducing bold colour, it lifts the energy of this kitchen. It looks like such a fun place to be, even if you find yourself cooking the 'stock-standard' dinner menu for the evening. I love a good rug in the kitchen particularly to add warmth in a space that has a tendency to feel cold and clinical. So much more inviting!

Hope you have a great weekend!

SbyD x