What's your ideal sleeping haven?

Today's post is short and sweet as I've been pretty much confined to the bedroom for the last couple of days due to some sort of tummy bug. An awful experience but feeling much more like myself today, which is a great relief. 

However, having spent a lot of time in the bedroom lately got me thinking about my existing space - and it's current unappealing state - what is the ultimate bedroom?  I started to explore Pinterest (as you do) and discovered these stunning bedrooms below. Each one distinct from the other, and yet, so equally appealing.




My favourite would have to be the first bedroom, designed by the ever-so-talented Melbourne design firm, Hecker Guthrie. The serene, cool palette and the decadent layers and textures in this space make it so inviting! A wonderful mixture of linen, cotton, leather, fur and timber! It almost radiates an Australian feel to it, doesn't it? 

Tell me, do you have a favourite? 

Here's to a more eventful and healthy weekend!

SbyD x