A striking contrast.

Integral to being a designer, I believe its my role to encourage clients to look past the scope of their comfort zone when decorating their home. However, presenting new ideas to clients can be challenging as a change can be perceived a "risk" and certainly different from what they may be used to (or feel comfortable with). Naturally creating resistance.  

This happens regularly when we discuss new finishes or products for the home that add a contrast to the existing layout and style. But, by going against the odds (with colour, pattern or object), it can add that x-factor to your home

However for many, this idea can feel intimidating. Here's why - 

1 / We've been taught that "matching" things feels comfortable, balanced and "correct".

2 / We've been educated to believe that things in "symmetry" appear in order and well balanced. 

3 / Society supports mainstream to be the "normal" approach to life.

Therefore, if we break any of these rules, it may be considered wrong. We feel uncomfortable... we are moving against the odds. So what will people think?

Here's why I say, WHO CARES! Just do it!

When we push the limits, we create something different, unusual, interesting... personal. It doesn't fit into the cookie-cutter mould... but hey, that's what makes it stand out in the crowd, right?

Also, this allows us to be creative and find ways that fit within our budget and lifestyle. And this is always an important factor to consider. 

Here's what I'm talking about:

1 / Foldaway chair. If we were being "mainstream", this outdoor chair would not be considered an ideal option for indoors and certainly not around the dining table. But it completely works here. The rustic and industrial feel of the chairs contrasts nicely with the timber table. They are also light and easy to store, so you can use them in other areas of the home where extra seating is needed, or store them away when space is required. 

2 / Design your own bedhead. If you can't afford a custom-made headboard, try something different. Build a shelf and display all your favourite plants in pots. Or create a photo collage using a peg board above your bed. 


3 / It's ok if your kitchen is not all white... even if you are selling it in the future. 

4 / The sofa and armchairs in your living room do not have to be from the same set, or the same colour, or the same style. A contrast in design creates an instant feature and an inviting element to your space.



5 / Use furniture in unexpected places and in unexpected ways. Like the ladder and timber crate boxes below adopted as storage options for the bedroom. 

6 / You can use colour in large scale in the home... even if its not a popular hue like pink or black... but just because you love it.



In all the rooms above, breaking the rules to create a striking feature adds an unexpected element that makes each space feel unique and personal. 

So tell me, have you broken the rules in your home? Is the contrast striking?

SbyD x