Choosing the key elements of your home.

If you could build a home from scratch, what would form the ideal foundation of your home?  I live by the sea and I hope this never changes. So my dream home would be to build a place that would capture this lifestyle and view. Natural materials, open spaces, and big expansive windows are the key ingredients of my dream home and just around the corner for me, I found this one. 

Aaaargh! Amazing right? This local gem was built by McKimm, a holistic residential design practice. The owners Nick and Anna McKimm recently had the opportunity to build their own home, utilising the skills and resources available through their business to create a home for themselves. 


Concrete is a dominant material employed both inside and out, and yet it doesn't make the home feel cold to me. To balance the heavy use of concrete, Mckimm have relied on soft furnishings and luxurious material finishes to provide warmth and character to their space. The American-oak feature wall in the living room is a great example of this. It's honey-coloured appearance helps create a cosy atmosphere, together with sheer curtains and over-sized furniture pieces used throughout the home. 

There is just so much I love about this home. It's sleek, modern structure combined with seamless inside-out living spaces encompasses the perfect recipe for a family abode down by the beach. For more details, you can view McKimm's portfolio range here.

What are the key ingredients for your ideal home? 

SbyD x

Please note: this post was not sponsored in anyway by McKimm. I just wanted to share with you something I love.