5 Minutes with...Frankie + Coco

There's a little homewares gem near me called Frankie + Coco. I consider it like the icing on your cake. It offers all the best bits to polish off your home. F + C will invite you to bring your home to life with their eclectic collection of homewares, artworks, lighting and fashion.

The gorgeous owners, Frederikke and Nikoline and their Scandinavian roots, understand the meaning of style and show you how to incorporate it into your home. I was fortunate to grab a little bit of their time for an interview where we discussed their sense of style and love for colour and design. 

1 / What is Frankie + Coco all about?

Our concept is based around inspiring a stylish lifestyle. We believe that loving where you live leads to a happy home environment. We aim to bring a range of beautiful and unique homewares, furniture, art and fashion to our customers. Our style is very eclectic and we try not to follow the rules when it comes to styling. Personality is key to each individual space and we try to encourage our customers to be brave and to step outside of their comfort zone. 

2 / How did you get into the interior design & homewares business?

We have both always had a passion for designing and creating since an early age. We did every creative subject at school, both studied design courses at a tertiary level and were constantly doing DIY home projects. With our Danish heritage we have always been strongly influenced by stylish living. When we started working we went into retail, in a large retail company of fashion and homeware, and also in smaller homeware store, where we gain a lot of knowledge and experience. It was a bit of a natural progression for us to open Frankie + Coco.

3 / Did you always know this was your area of interest? Did you always want to start your own business?

Yes and yes! We have always loved beautiful interiors and Nikki studied interior design and decoration after high school. Prior to starting Frankie + Coco we had a jewellery business together. This was a wholesale business mainly and we realised that we were both better suited to the retail side of business. We were getting tired of working for other people, doing jobs we weren't passionate about, so decided to take the plunge and go out on our own. 

  4 / F+C is all about colour for the home, as well as in fashion and accessories! Why has colour played such a big role in your store?

When we opened Frankie + Coco there was very little colour around. When we thought of Bayside, there was a lot of beige, white and black, which just wasn't our thing. Colour seems to promote happiness and fun, and customers always comment on how they love the burst of brightness when they enter the store. Colour is a great way for people to express themselves individually, whether they love aqua, red or a rainbow combination. Don't get us wrong we love a good monochrome room, but we somehow always gravitate back to colour.

5 /  There is so much happening with colour in the store and yet it all ties in nicely together. How do you make it all work cohesively? Any tips you can share?

As mentioned earlier we like to break the rules. For us mixing colours is natural. We start with any colour and work from there, using it as a neutral base, just like natural linen or white. Using cushions as an example, the mixture of textures and patterns are almost more important than the mixing of colours. 

F+C TIPS on using colour in your home:

+ Don't be afraid of clashing patterns. Avoid the matchy-matchy look and you will end up with something more unique and exciting. So be brave and get creative! 

+ If you are trying to create a certain colour scheme in a room, consider the different areas in that room... For example, if you are decorating the living room, don't just focus on the sofa. Little decorative pieces like vases, frames and books are also a great way to add colour.

+ Artwork is always a great way to establish a colour scheme. You can draw inspiration from a couple of the colours in the artwork and style accordingly. 

6 / Do you personally wear a lot of colour? Can we find a lot of colour in your own homes?

Yes definitely, especially in summer. We do live in Melbourne so black is always a staple. We are drawn to amazing prints and patterns and that is always what draws us to our suppliers. One of our favourite clothing labels Zulu & Zephyr give us an amazing combination of patterns and prints, with a relax and fashionable feel. We also stock a large range of scarves which are a great way to add a vibrant splash of colour to a winter outfit.

At home we have quite a minimalistic style, with a mix of antique and modern furniture and artwork. Throughout the house is a mixture of pattern and colour which we believe gives it a lot of character and personality. 

7 / Why would you recommend colour in the home?

Colour is a great way to add life to any space. With just a splash of colour it can instantly 'lift' the look of a room. A simple linen sofa can be taken from dull and lifeless to bright and inviting with the right combination of cushions and throws. Without wanting to sound like we are repeating ourselves, colour is uplifting and can help set the mood for your day, so why not wake up in a happy bright home, to encourage a happy, productive day. 

8 /  What three products are you coveting in the store at the moment? How does colour play a part?

1. Anything marble - a nice neutral to tie back with any colour scheme. Great marble vases for a pretty colourful posey and beautiful cheese boards for entertaining. 

2. Tweed pots - huge variety of colours to brighten up your kitchen, outdoor space or any other room of the house for that matter.

3. Velvet Cushions - great texture and colours that work brilliantly as a 'base'. Velvet has a very warm and luxurious effect, which is perfect for this season coming into the cooler months.

You can visit their gorgeous store at 398 Hampton Street, Hampton, VIC or otherwise jump online and shop here

A BIG thank you to Nikki and Freddy for the interview!

SbyD x

All photos taken by me unless stated otherwise.