Hotel Henriette in Paris.

I love to stay in a hotel that is prepared to push the boundaries a little. Who creates a space that doesn't make you aware or feel like you a staying in a hotel. It seems to add something to the travel experience. The Ace Hotels in the USA are a great example of this.

No longer is it about what you discover the moment you step outside the hotel, there's plenty to amuse and feast your eyes on at the breakfast table. Plus, it tends to attract a certain type of person - and for me, the kind I want to introduce myself to and get to know a little better.

Hotel Henriette in Paris has this effect on me. While I have not stayed here before, I have a sneaky suspicion it's going to be my kind of place...

Without losing its quaint Parisian chic qualities we all love about the French, Hotel Henriette extends its palette of gold trim features and layers of textures throughout the hotel for that luxurious feel in a contemporary palette. I am particularly smitten with their choice of wallpapers that dominate the hotel. The selection is gorgeous, being both bold with pattern but subtle with impact. In fact, it feels very chic and sophisticated to me. I probably shouldn't expect anything less by the French.

Hotel Henriette is located on a cobblestone street in the 13 Arrondissement, close to the Mouffetard district: 9 rue des Gobelins 75013 Paris. 

What's your travel style? 

SbyD x

All photos from Hotel Henriette.