Ceramics Corner: Helen Levi

I have spoken many times on the blog about turning your house into a home, as there is definitely a distinction here.  While we find ourselves fantasising about many of the spaces we see on Pinterest, on many occasions, these spaces may not always reflect the ideal home environment (regardless of how beautiful it is!).

When I have this discussion with my clients, the topic always comes back to adding something personal to their space. In many ways its about enhancing your space with a personal story. And for many of my clients, displaying a treasured (and always growing) collection is a great way to add their personal touch. 

For me, one collection I am passionate about are ceramics. I have a BIG love for anything handmade, imperfect in nature and very textural. I follow quite a few ceramists on Instagram, stalking their latest creations and envisaging one day having an oversized cabinet in my home, showcasing my entire collection.

No doubt, you would find Brooklyn ceramist, Helen Levi's collection on display. Her latest range has me giddy with her sculptural designs featured in natural, muted earthy colours of sand, burnt orange and forest green.  Not to mention the fusion of textures, contrasting silky and coarse surfaces together. And most importantly, all hand-made and perfect in their imperfect nature. 

Images, clockwise from top left: Camp Bowl / Artist's Pitcher / Forest Mug / Desert Planters. 

What do you think? Does this tickle your fancy?

This is a first of many posts I want to share with you on ceramics. For me its an opportunity to explore and promote the new and my much loved designers, as well as encourage you to share your favourites for those of you who share a similar interest. You will be able to find my growing list of designers and their details on my Handbook page. 

You can view Helen Levi's entire range here.

SbyD x