Small details with big impact.

Last month on Instagram I posted a photo of a kitchen vignette in a black apartment. It's just below. A M A Z I N G... right? The glossy black tiles juxtaposed against the aged timbers and matt charcoal walls seriously made me drool at this extreme beauty. It got me thinking...what did the rest of this house look like? So I decided to hunt it down... 

Whether you live in a small apartment, share a room at a friend's home or own your own castle, putting thought in the finer details of your space is what will make it stand out from the rest. And it starts with:

+ C O L O U R

+ T E X T U R E

+ L I G H T I N G

Every inch of this apartment has been considered and it's evident from its clean, consistent approach to design. From the restrained moody colour palette of black, grey and timber, to the layers of textures throughout, to the curated selection of furniture, accessories and art in each room. 

(Whoever said you can't use dark colours in small spaces?!)

I just love the cluster of vignettes found throughout the home and the touch of indigo in each room... what details do you love?

SbyD x

Photography by Romain Ricard.