Two Different Industrial Homes.

There was a period a while ago where industrial homes were the flavour of the month... Although there has been a gradual move away from this style to a more soft, streamlined and clean approach, its a still a favourite of mine. It's all about the bones and structure of the building itself that appeal to me the most. 

Open spaces, natural light, oversized windows, layers and layers of different textures infused in the one space. These are the characteristics of an industrial home that make my heart sing... oh and if it happens to be located in downtown NYC or Brooklyn, well let's just say its perfect. 


I know this home has been on many blogs before, but I wanted to share it here as its probably one of my favourite homes...ever. This beautiful home in Amsterdam is centred around an internal court yard enclosed by wall-to-ceiling glass and steel. My favourite feature. 

Images via Italian Elle Decor. 

Images via Italian Elle Decor

The all white palette is striking and the contrasting timber and tile floor covering is so beautiful and unique. In an open space plan, this combination of materials on the floor helps creates zones by separating the different areas in the one space. In this case, highlighting the dining area with hexagonal tiles. This beautiful home was designed by the ever so talented Italian designer, Paola Navone.

You can see why I love this style, right?

SbyD x