We are Huntly | Spaces.

Do you know that feeling when you come across a new website and you are immediately captured? You are lured by the layout, its colour palette, the style of font and the repertoire of images displayed?

I immediately felt this connection with We Are Huntly, a Melbourne based interior design firm, after browsing through their commercial Projects. I am simply drawn to this clean, crisp, fresh palette. Their punchy, bold text is short and sweet and the soft, muted colours used throughout quietly hums in the background of their stunning images.

Their latest projects for Metric Consulting and their own offices in Windsor Victoria, represent my ideal workspace. Filled with so much character and personality, there is ample space and light to do some serious constructive work in a peaceful, calm setting. 

With soaring ceilings, a clean aesthetic and illuminating work environment, these spaces have definitely made their way onto my ideal office workspace board on Pinterest to refer back to when I finally get my own place!

Would you love to call this space your office? How does it differ from where you are now?

You can view We Are Huntly's Projects here.

SbyD x

All images via We Are Huntly website