Friday Faves #5.

While I can't say I'm looking forward to winter, the change of season is something I do love. Give me LA's constant sun and warmth any day, but if you've lived in Melbourne your whole life, there is something special about the change in season that will leave me longing and reminiscent. 

There is so much beauty in the movement of seasons. It's not just about the weather, but the evolving landscape, the change of colours and the overall shift in our moods that makes our four seasons unique (even if it means heading into winter!). 

Autumn is a transitional one, with most of us moving from the outdoors to inside. With this comes opportunity to spend time indoors with friends and family and maybe hosting a few dinners. So today's post is all about dining at home and a few great finds I've discovered lately.

COVET / The sleek and curvaceous lines of the HK Pitcher from Georg Jensen would turn any request for water at dinner into a special occasion. Love, love, love all the polished metal finishes available in this limited edition. 


BUY / New dinnerware range called Woodlands by Robert Gordon, finding inspiration and simplicity from nature and in a timeless combination of white and blue. 


Also, the incredibly luxurious and tactile nature of European linen draped over your dining table in soft, muted tones is perfect for a winter's palette. Check out Hale Mercantile Co's linen range here

EAT / Loving anything David Flack touches at the moment… including his work on the interior of Entrecote, a Parisian restaurant in South Yarra, Victoria.  The colour palette of blush and sea foam green is gorgeous and an unexpected combination to dine in. 


I hope you found something here that gets you excited about staying indoors. Have a lovely weekend... dining in or out. 

SbyD x