The grown-up family home.

I'm really loving this beautiful home in Rose Bay, NSW, designed by the very talented Nina Maya. It's grown-up ambience and sophisticated colour palette has me intrigued about the family who lives here (and their style!). 

A moody, jewel-like colour palette of crimson, gold and indigo compliment the fusion of luxe materials including metallic accents, marble features and walnut timber elements. So divine!

And what about the feature mirror in the kitchen?! In an all white setting, it really sings beauty and glam and completely elevates another white kitchen to luxe status! What a daring feature but a fabulous choice. 

It's pared back style of living allows the features of each room to stand out - whether its a piece of furniture, a colour or a material finish - this home has been well curated and harmoniously put together. 

Full details available at Nina Maya Interiors.

SbyD x