Domino is one of my favourite interior magazines from the US.  Given I've spent most of this year in LA, it would be a little negligent of me if I did not share with you one from there. Domino's motto is all about "bringing your style home". I love that you can browse through the magazine and if you see anything you like, you are armed with the information to buy it! A great way to make interior design accessible to the individual.

In the current Fall issue of Domino, I have fallen in love with artist Jenna Snyder-Phillips from New York City.  Jenna is a painter who works from her studio in TriBeCa.  She uses strong, bold brushstrokes to create beautiful striking pieces of art that lends itself nicely to painting figures and wildlife. I want to share with you a video about Jenna's iconic Chief prints and her story which inspired this series. 

Jenna Snyder-Phillips gives us a peek inside her downtown New York City art studio.

Recently, I've had many client queries about Art, and in particular finding the right piece for the home. This can be tricky as Art is very personal. To have longevity and meaning in your home, I believe you need to feel a connection to the piece of artwork. One way to do this, is to learn about the artist and what inspired them to create the piece. 

Jenna's story captured my heart. At a difficult time in her life, she embraced her "independence" and drew inspiration from this experience to create the Chief series (available in both original and prints). As Jenna explains, at the centre of Chief is "a powerful woman... You can be your own boss... You can do what you want with your own life and be creative". This painting now represents this emotive power to me. 

The above images are of Jenna's apartment in New York City. Her work is presented centre stage in her home, a reflection of her self-confidence and belief in her own abilities, which I find inspirational. Funnily enough, her art blends in seamlessly with her interior style. 

How do you shop for Art in the home? What inspires you?

Jenna's Chief series prints are available on-line through Domino Magazine here. Alternatively, if your budget allows it, you can purchase an original painting from Jenna's website here.

SbyD x

All images kindly sourced via Domino Magazine.