You all may very well know Darren Palmer as one of the judges from the tv series, The Block, and now Darren's added author to his repertoire of skills with the release of his first interiors book, Easy Luxury - our choice for this month's Book/Club read! In a nutshell, Easy Luxury is the ultimate book for those of you embarking on a renovation or new build. Darren has laid out the law on how to change and improve the landscape of your home, down to the measurements, layout details and elements you'll need to do this in style. Yes, this could be the quintessential how-to interiors handbook. 

What I love most about Easy Luxury is how Darren breaks down and simplifies the design process. It's full of practical tips, visual references and personal examples that make it so useful and easy to follow. If you're looking for assistance as you embark on your own renovation, then this book could be the answer. Literally. 

The meaning of home. "For me a home should be somewhere that lifts your spirits, gives you a sense of prosperity and wellbeing and generally provides you with a beautiful sanctuary from which to live your personal life – kids, pets, spouses and friends included". Read the full interview with Temple & Webster here

The meaning of luxury. "It has nothing to do with spending a lot of money. Luxury to me is about having something that fits me perfectly — something that suits me better than anything else would because it’s been created in response to my particular needs and desires".  Read the full interview with Interiors Addict here

Darren's personal style. "I’d describe my style as comfortable, natural, friendly but refined and considered. I put a lot of effort into making effortless looking interiors – homes for people rather than showrooms or design museums.” Read the full interview with The Carousel here

Have you got any plans this summer to renovate your home? Perhaps this could be just the book for you. If you haven't already got a copy, you can purchase one here via the link below!

Easy Luxury

by Darren Palmer

Oh, and if you've already read Easy Luxury, let me know in our comments section below! 

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