If you've never been to NYC before, then get yourself ready...

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Image two.

What's this got to do with shopping in NYC for the home, you ask? Well not much really, except to say you are in for a BLAST! Seriously is there any better city out there? You will be inspired in every direction that you look. The people will motivate you, the stores will inspire you, the city will envelope you... 

The best way to shop for your home in this beautiful city, is with this guide. Sibella Court's book titled, The Stylist's Guide to New York City. I however, like to call it my "bible". 

Sibella Court and her book, The Stylist's Guide to New York City.

Sibella Court and her book, The Stylist's Guide to New York City.

To get you started, you are given a map of Manhattan and an index of all the great stores, cafes, markets and other places you need to visit in this city. 

Map of NYC.

Map of NYC.

The A5 size book (perfect companion for handbag/backpack travels) has been carefully curated and inspired by Sibella's design flavour. To avoid feeling overwhelmed by the numerous options available, Sibella sets out her "absolute faves" at the beginning of the book, sharing with us her favourite places to visit in NYC.

nyc stylists guide

The places recommended are categorised into themes for the home. So depending on what you are searching for, you are able to access your options in a systematic manner. The categories are organised as follows:

(1) Scents & Flower Merchants.

(2) Oddities & Curiosities.

(3) Jewellery & Hardware.

(4) Haberdashery & Handmade.

(5) Drapers & Upholstery.

(6) Art & Objets.

(7) Paper & Art Supplies.

(8) Kitchen & Table Paraphernalia.

(9) Furniture & Interiors.

While I was not searching for anything in particular (but everything available), these categories were helpful on my shopping days, as I felt organised and in the market with a purpose. In addition, Sibella sets out routes to travel by foot each day (and maybe a cab or two in between!) to seek out your desired places to visit from each category.

This was EXTREMELY helpful as I loved to simply explore the city by foot and be amongst the people.  Where possible, I veered off the beaten track to whatever grabbed my attention and found something new that resonated with me. Given Sibella has lived in the city for approximately 15 years, she knows her way methodically through the streets. 

new york city stylists guide 2

Using this guide, I felt like I was discovering a lot more about the "local" design scene in New York City.  There are so many hidden gems and this book is a great way for you to find them. This city is huge! So some direction and guidance is a plus. 

If you're in New York City any time soon, here are my recommended places to visit from Sibella's guide to New York City:

Ochre, for furniture and lighting (read my earlier post here). 

The High Line, for a stroll through a creative outdoor park with city views.

The Crosby Hotel, for the most entertaining, colourful interior for dining (I had breakfast and drinks at the bar). 

ABC Carpet & Home, ALL your questions for the home are answered here. Seriously. 

Anthropologie, for fashion and homewares that will make you smile with joy. 

Chelsea Market, for crafty home needs and an endless supply of mouthwatering foods. 

the high line

Now that's a hard list to curtail.  Sibella's guide is a cumulation of her 15 years of living and working in the city as an interior stylist. A hard feat to condense to one week. But, I am not dismayed... an opportunity to create another reason to visit the city again (and again). 

nyc stylists guide 3

Have you been to New York City? Have you followed Sibella's recommendations in the past? Please share your thoughts with us, below.

Di x

Images one and two. All other images sourced from Sibella Court's Pinterest Board here