When I started the Book/Club last year on the blog, I wanted to use this as an opportunity to spend more time reading and researching into interiors, both local and international, and places to see and visit. It was another excuse to learn more and to do something for myself. Reading is for me, one of life's pleasures. 

I however found that reviewing and discussing a new book each month was quite hectic and a little challenging for me, given all my other commitments. So for this year, while reading is still on the agenda, I've decided to keep my book reviews to a bimonthly discussion - where I review and discuss a new book every two months. This way, I feel I can maintain the enjoyment factor of reading in my schedule. I hope that's alright with you. 

So for this month and the next, I want to share with you the lovely, personal and insightful book written by a favourite local designer, Anna Spiro. Her book is called Absolutely Beautiful ThingsAnna is from Queensland and owns her own interiors retail store in Hamel, New Farm called Black & Spiro. She is passionate about colour and decorating her interiors to the max! In a current trend where minimalism and restrained colour palettes are dominating our interiors scene (especially when you think of popular pastel shades and nordic-inspired spaces), Anna goes against the grain and explores her true love - colour and maximalism! And her book is all about this. 

Interior Designer, Anna Spiro and her new book, Absolutely Beautiful Things. Images via Temple & Webster.

Interior Designer, Anna Spiro and her new book, Absolutely Beautiful Things. Images via Temple & Webster.

Anna is driven by her own sense of style and has the courage and commitment to follow her intuition. I love this. "In my family and the houses I design, I always endeavour to create happy, interesting, layered and uplifting spaces. That means mixing everything: colour and pattern, old and new, square and round, quirky and conservative. It's by no means a perfect, textbook decorating style... but it's the imperfections and the surprises that make a space interesting, appropriate and so special and unique for the people living there" - Anna Spiro. 

"The most important thing is to know what you love and know what you don't love. Once you have that sorted, you can do anything" - Anna Spiro.

The beauty of decorating to your own tastes is that the look becomes yours and will most likely stand the test of time in your home. We in fact build our homes to make OURSELVES feel happy, inspired and safe, rather than to impress those that visit. After all, we are the ones who spend the majority of our times in our home. 

Anna's interior style has real warmth and comfort factor to it. Her use of colour and pattern injects so much energy into her spaces.  Anna's real affinity with blues particularly engages me as my favourite colour is blue too. And combined with white, it is simply classic and timeless. 

Anna's book is a real collection of beautiful homes, as the title suggests. Not only will you find yourself completely absorbed by the abundance of colour, pattern and layers in her homes, Anna also shares with us, the process by which she follows to design her interiors. This includes her guiding principles, her inspirations and her go-to resources. This is overall, a fabulous book to get you back into and inspired about your home and how you can tackle your new interior challenge. 

Absolutely Beautiful Things by Anna Spiro was published by Penguin Lantern and available to purchase on-line, here

SbyD x

PS. If you have read Absolutely Beautiful Things, then please share with us your thoughts below. I'd love to hear whether Anna's style appeals to you too!

All images sourced via Black & Spiro website (unless stated otherwise).