Why we love Herringbone.

We are absolutely loving this pattern at the moment. Herringbone. This is a great example of how you can use pattern and texture to inject personality into a space if you want to keep within a neutral colour scheme. In the examples below, Herringbone is used in unexpected ways to really elevate a room's design.  It looks especially effective on the wall and in large spaces.

Herringbone pattern looks equally effective with tiles.  While some of us may think the white subway tile has had its moment, maybe not yet?

For me, the most striking and effective display of the Herringbone pattern is in this bathroom designed by Faye Toogood. The seemingly random placement of metallic tiles is quirky, unpredictable but engaging! Seriously, she is TOO good! (Sorry, couldn't pass that on that pun). 

What do you think? Do you love this pattern too? 

SbyD x

Images found on: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven.

Californian Dreaming.

We have had some amazing weather in L.A over the last week. You can really feel and smell summer approaching.

California has its own signature style and taste in the US. Unlike Melbourne, black has got to be the colour less preferred here!  There is such a surreal laid-back lifestyle in Santa Monica, and L.A generally. Going to work usually involves a pair of jeans (preferably filled with holes and rips) and a worn-in pair of Converse sneakers - in any colour your heart desires.  Work starts at around 10am but not without a coffee in hand.

L.A life is all about your own style.  The dress code is to be you. Wear what you want, be who you want.  Walking along the Pier in Santa Monica, there is a guy skating with a guitar in his hand singing his heart out.  Early morning rituals usually involve testing out the waves, walking the dogs or yoga exercises.

Californian Dreaming does not ring more true than it does in L.A.  You turn up with your own expectations. You get what you want from L.A. Just show your cards and open your soul.

So for today's post I have decided to put together some furniture pieces and accessories that symbolise L.A living to me. If you are searching for a more care-free being, serene surroundings and a casual sense of style, then L.A may be just what you need.

Where to shop

Image six: Sofa: Freedom Furniture / Coffee table: Globe West / Chair: CB2 / Ceiling Lighting: CB2 / Rug: CB2.

Image seven: Wall art: Maryanne Moodie / Surfboards: The Society Inc. / Mirror: The Family Love Tree

SbyD x

Image sources: one / two / three / four / five.


Simplicity and quality are essential ingredients to any good design.  And Patrick Leonard O'Brien has captured this perfectly in his beautifully crafted trestle table.

Patrick created his business, The Tressel Table Co, a year after moving to Melbourne. In an effort to find good quality furniture for his home, he became disheartened by what was available on the market.  So he set out to design the perfect table himself.

Made from sustainably farmed heavyweight birch plywood and finished with a water based protective sealant, each table is handmade in Melbourne, Australia. Most recently Patrick has released his table range in various colours, including charcoal, mint green and rose pink! So here's a chance for you to find a colour that suits your space and personality!

Patrick articulates his design aesthetic to be simple, functional and beautiful, and we absolutely agree. There is such perfection and attention to detail in his work. The smooth, rounded edges of the table, to the beautifully coloured rope that expands the legs. The table is delivered to you flat-packed and is easily constructed at home. See what we mean? 

Given it's size (180cmL x 80cmW x 70cmH), it's very versatile.  Not only is it suitable as a large workspace, its a great size for dining. (However, to protect it's beautiful finish, we suggest you use a tablecloth over the top!).  

For only $499.00, this table is a guaranteed winner in any home. 

SbyD x

All images kindly borrowed from The Tressel Table Co website and can be purchased here.

All of the lights.

I'm well and truly back in L.A, but my mind inevitably still wanders to my recent American road trip! Route 66 in all its glory could not be without its neon lights that showcased The Strip, that shouted out steak! in Texas or that directed me to my next café for a caffeine fix.

I think I am obsessed with them now. In Vegas, I was like a kid in a candy store.  Hopelessly mesmerised and speechless by my surroundings. Neon lights were iconic for this era.  They acted as our anchor to the next town and greeted us with delightful options along it's main street. I want to bring home this memory with me. 

I like the idea of using neon lights to create a name in the kids' bedroom, to highlight a feeling like "joy" or "love" or to use a symbol for something playful and fun. For something more elegant, try a white neon light. For a bolder statement, choose a colour.  If your lights start flickering, you've gone too far...

Seletti Australia offer neon lighting in letters, numbers and symbols (see below).  You can create your own phrase or #hashtag for something cheeky. 

Also, check out Penny Farthing Design House (NSW) and Frankie + Coco (VIC) for neon light symbols, like this heart below. Magic.

SbyD x

Image sources: one / two / three / four / five / six.

SPOTTED: Surf photography by Aquabumps.

Living overseas makes me reminisce and think more about our beautiful country and contemplate why we are not more patriotic? But anyway, on to today's post and leaving this thought for another day, you need to check out these guys, Aquabumps.

Finding some good art options for the home is like trying to find the best fit jeans - so personal and subjective!  So let me share with you one great option to consider, particularly if you are looking for something iconic to Australia.

Aquabumps is all about early morning beach life. Most of their photographs depict scenes from Bondi Beach, however they also offer photographs of other iconic beach landscapes from around the world. They have HEAPS of beach themed images to choose from on line. When you find the one you like, you can purchase it in a few different sizes and have it framed as well, if desired.

My favourite styles are the aerial shots of Bondi.  From afar, you only see shapes and colours, while close up you can appreciate the details.  Crisp, clean photographs on the walls work so well when you are looking for something polished, clean and sophisticated. Aquabumps offers you all this.

Also, given that the photographs are taken predominately of the one beach, you can mix and match the prints cohesively in one room, or throughout your home for a succinct theme. While black & white art photography has been popular in the past, the gentle colour palette that emanates from these photographs is a fresh way to introduce colour into your home. 

Plus, who doesn't love the beach right? These photographs are classic and guaranteed to stay in vogue for a lifetime. 

You can search through Aquabump's catalogue of photographs here or if you are lucky enough to be in the Bondi Beach area, you can visit their gallery at 151 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach, NSW, 2026 or see the real Bondi for yourself. 

SbyD x

Image sources: four / seven / nine. All other images kindly borrowed from Aquabumps website here.

The King's Road.

Route 66, also known as the Mother Road, is a long stretch of highway that connects Chicago to the West (L.A).  Today it has been overtaken by a bigger and newer highway (mostly I-40 from what we experienced). While it has a heritage in the US, it appears that Route 66 is more iconic to the tourists than the locals. In any case, it was a fabulous excuse to get us into the car and see the "real" America. 

When we decided to do Route 66, I had envisaged a road trip similar to Chevy Chases's National Lampoon's Vacation! Well not exactly, but I had certainly dreamt of the Wild Wild West, ranch style homes, forests, deserts and lots of diners! But never did I imagine it would be heaven for an Elvis Presley fan. Yep, you heard me right. Elvis rules this part of the world. 

So I renamed the "Mother Road" to the "King's Road".

As I had previously said, we started our roadtrip back to front, from L.A to Chicago.  So it didn't really feel like we were on Route 66 til after we left Las Vegas. Along they way, we stopped to see the Hoover Dam.  Without knowing anything about this man-made structure, I could only share my recollection of the Dam in a classic Elvis Presley movie, viva las vegas (no doubt my sister and mum are nodding their heads right now and saying "oh yeah, that's right"). 

This was only the start… Upon leaving the Dam, we decided to turn on the radio and guess what? There is a satellite radio channel called ELVIS RADIO which is operated from Graceland! (Elvis's most famous home). And, boy did I find this entertaining. As we started to cross the mid-west we listened to Elvis classics like Jailhouse Rock, Suspicious Minds and Burning Love...

Without disappointment, we stopped at many diners and roadside restaurants only discover more lasting impressions on the King.  I recall one diner in Tulsa called Tally’s Good Food Cafe who was taken with Elvis memorabilia! Elvis clock, posters, records, songs, signs! You name it, they probably had it.  After this, it was Elvis radio all the way…

By the time we reached Springfield, Missouri, I suggested we detour and visit Branson, a town very well known for its country-and-western music, in particular, Dolly Parton.  Just on a side note - if you’ve never been to Branson, it’s certainly a sight to see! Almost a mini version of Las Vegas, completely over the top with whimsical buildings, neon signs and replica monuments like Empire State Building, Titanic, King Kong etc…

Upon arrival, we discovered that there was an Elvis show that afternoon. So to keep in theme with our road trip, we attended the show. "Elvis" performed with a live band and two show girls. It truly was a full-blown concert!  Lucky for us, we knew all the lyrics as we fortunately had time on the road to brush up on Elvis...

(In case you want to see the show - check out Elvis Rock’n’Remember Tribute, performed by Joseph Hall, who had previously performed as Elvis on America’s Got Talent and made it to the top ten finalists!)

As we approached the end of our trip and the sign to Chicago appeared before us, so did the turn-off to Memphis (the hometown of Graceland).  Unfortunately no amount of persuasion was going to convince my fellow travellers to detour here. (Apparently I had hit my limit after seeing Elvis live on stage). 

While I did get to see plenty of deserts, ranches and eat at numerous road-side diners, the real highlight for me was rediscovering my love for the King. While I'm still here in the US, I do see a side trip to Memphis taking place sometime in the future...

If you've been on Route 66, please feel free to share your stories with us in the comments below.

Di x

Image sources: one / two / three / five / six. Image four taken by me using my iPhone 4S.

Five Minutes With...Mexsii Bedheads.

So today's post is a long one, but I promise, a good one!

As I have previously said, every now and then I come across products in my industry that seriously stop me in my tracks. They are super gorgeous and completely inspiring. It makes me want to learn about the Creatives behind these designs and in particular, ask them who are you and how did you create something so gorgeous?!  So today I want to share with you a recent interview I had with Merryn & Sarah, the founders of Mexsii Bedheads

Wow, right? So gorgeous, so colour and such a statement for the bedroom!

Mexsii Bedheads create upholstered bedheads using original artwork, curated from Australian designers, printed on 100% linen.  There is a strong focus on creating something ethically sound, producing minimal waste and supporting local talent.  Without a doubt, colour and nature-inspired designs influence their work. 

I just love your products! Did you always want to do something creative? Was this your plan through life?

Merryn: I have always been a creative person and have been surrounded by art and design my whole life.  But, some strange reason despite this creative upbringing, I decided to study Medical Science when I left school. Obviously I got a semester in and finished that up pretty quickly; it was not for me at all! I am happiest when I am drawing and designing. I had a realisation just before starting my upholstery apprenticeship that my life path was to do something creative. When creating, I am completely immersed in a task and lose all track of time, something I am yet to experience when doing other things.

Sarah: It’s quite funny as I initially studied Podiatry at University before similarly to Merryn, getting one semester in and quitting. Despite being really drawn to art in many forms, I never felt confident in creating a career out of these interests. When Merryn approached me with her idea I was so excited and with time it became more apparent that being creative was something that had always been inside me (which is no surprise to my Mum who is an amazing seamstress and just all round super creative and crafty). I now couldn’t imagine doing anything else career wise. 

But what about starting your own business? It's one thing to have a career change and transition into something new, but did you always know you wanted to start your own business?

Merryn: Yes, in fact Sarah and I previously worked together about 8 years ago now and even back then joked about starting a business together. I love knowing that together we have created a new product and brand that people connect with. It’s a very rewarding feeling!

Sarah: I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit as I have been surrounded by small business my whole life. My Dad has his own business, so growing up, he was able to pick me up from school and hang out in the afternoon. I always look back on these memories and think how lucky I was that his job allowed him to do this. I think from an early age I just considered this the norm and wouldn’t want it any other way when I have children.

So what's your style? Is Mexsii a reflection of you? Do you have a similar style and taste in fashion?

Merryn: My fashion style is more toned down and classic. I love basic elements with subtle details that make beautiful shapes or textures. I then like adding in pops of colour with accessories such as a bag, scarf or jewellery.

Sarah: I often joke that I get dressed in the dark. I’m always teaming outrageous colours together, yet it always seems to work! Colourful dressing makes me happy and I love finding gorgeous second hand clothing gems.  

Being a start-up in a new industry can be daunting and challenging! What have you done to get your name and new business out there?

Sarah: Being a start up it’s always tricky to get your product and brand noticed, however as our product is so unique we have found people are naturally quite interested…Doing a photo shoot in a cactus farm is a pretty great way to stand out from the crowd too! (We think so too!)

We use social media as a really powerful networking tool – you’d be surprised how accessible high profile people in the industry are, it’s really refreshing! 

We are also going to be exhibiting at Life Instyle in August and we make the most out of every networking opportunity that comes our way. We recently did a workshop from The School with Megan Morton and it was just a great way to get our name out there and spend an evening with some amazingly creative ladies! 

I think you guys are going to be something huge! What's been your greatest achievement so far?

Merryn: Being in Real Living magazine after only having our website up for a month! 

So let's talk about your current range... What's your favourite? 

Merryn: Moroccan eye, I love to style this with the combination of relaxing and rejuvenating greens found in the artwork. For me, working so hard every day in our business makes having a quiet space to relax in at night and turn my brain off very important.

Sarah: Coral Earth, I love the grounding colours – they remind me of the African landscape and my adventures in that amazing continent.

You say that your designs and colours (including their names) are influenced by nature and your love for travel. Where have you travelled so far?

Sarah: I have travelled extensively throughout South & Central America, Mexico, Cuba, Europe, Africa, India & South East Asia. I’m definitely a gypsy at heart and love the feeling of being in a constant state of child like wonder when exploring new cultures.

I think collaborating with other talents in the industry is a great way to learn something new, get new exposure and create something unique.  If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

Merryn: The ultimate would be to take different route and work with someone in fashion like Sass&Bide. These ladies march to the beat of their own drum, not following trends but being inspired by travels and their love of the individual, this is something we all always look for in a collaborator.

So one last thing before you guys go, I always love to ask - Coffee or tea? Any favourite spots?

Merryn: Coffee. 15 Pound in Fairfield. The owner John and I often joke that their tables are my office and soon I will be paying rent!

Sarah: Usually herbal tea, but these late nights have seen me develop a mild addiction to black coffee! I’m loving Industry Beans and Mitte in Fitzroy.

A big thanks to Merryn & Sarah from Mexsii Bedheads for participating in this interview and giving us such an insight into their business. I wish you both the best of luck and look forward to working with you!

You can check out Mexsii Bedheads full collection here

SbyD x

Image Sources: All images kindly provided by Mexsii Bedheads.

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Abigail Ahern's new paint range.

So some fabulous news, there is an exciting paint range on the market that I cannot wait to test out! Abigail Ahern, interior designer along with a plethora of other talents (including author, product designer and teacher!) has released a new range of paints... but not any kind, the real dark, moody type!

Abigail is incredibly creative and inspiring and has a real passion for painting her interiors in dark hues.  Even if you think you are not the "type" to go all dark in one room, she will make you definitely think twice about it!  She has described her paint range as "inky (obviously) supremely sophisticated, luxurious, tantalising and totally transformative". Now doesn't that get you excited?!

My favourite colours from the range are the Bedford Brown and Mulberry Red. These dark warm palettes leave you feeling anything less than cold and spooked in a dark space. And, as Abigail rightly describes, the paint range makes "everything on display feel grander, cooler, larger and more intense". 

So the bad news is, although recently released on the market, Abigail has not decided whether to sell her paint range in Australia! (Oh no!). But given she has a HUGE following in Australia, fingers crossed she will choose to stock her range with us!

In the meantime, while we wait to hear back from Abigail, review your space and consider even one room like your bedroom or study to paint. It's certainly an easy and budget friendly way to transform your space instantly! You can check out Abigail's full paint range here

SbyD x

Image Sources: All images by Graham Atkins Hughes for Abigail Ahern.

SbyD Travels: When in Texas...

Now this place is pretty awesome. While Route 66 takes us into the state of Texas, we only get as far as Amarillo.  So we decided to stay here for the night and experience the Big Texan Steak Ranch.

This place will give you a free steak if you can eat the 72ounce steak within one hour! That's 2.04kg of steak! Goodness... So not the ideal place for a pescatarian but I was excited all the same to see someone else tackle this challenge! 

The restaurant optimised the essential Route 66 charm - neon lights, big signs and everything American! 

So it got me thinking, how could I bring home this Texan charm and reminisce? For those of us who may not be into cowboy hats, boots or souvenir glassware, here's some other options to try:

1. Plaid & Gingham fabrics. Reupholster your favourite armchair, make some cushion covers or use it as a tablecloth for dining. 

2. Taxidermy & Antlers. Decorate your walls with animals, antlers, horns and scull heads. Try Tarlo & Graham for some authentic options or The Woodsfolk for something a little faux.

3. Chandelier and wall sconces.  To recreate the time period, you can't go past a large crystal, antique chandelier and some vintage metal wall sconces. To find something similar, try Schots.  

And remember, don't feel like you have to change your whole room to look and feel like the places you've travelled.  Even just a couple of pieces in the space can help recreate that feeling and bring back those treasured memories.

SbyD x

Image sources: one / two / three / four / five. All other images taken by me using my iPhone 4S.

Welcome to the Hotel California.

Last week we commenced our journey along Route 66. We will be on the road for the next two weeks exploring the mid-west of the US! Although, it is recommended to begin this journey from Chicago, since we were in LA already, we decided to start from here and make our way up! And no better way to start than from Hotel California.

If you aren't already singing "Welcome to the Hotel California" then where have you been? This hotel became an icon after the band, the Eagles created a song about it, back in 1972. A boutique hotel nestled amongst a strip of high-end hotels and ocean views of Santa Monica. Despite its modest size, this hotel is packed with personality! 

Hotel California has a real European feel about it with its Spanish architecture, antique tiles and colour palette. 

Some may say its cliche, but I just loved how each room was decorated with guitars and surfboards. The perfect accessories given the hotel's heritage and location. Can't wait to see what lies ahead! I wonder what other quirky interiors will we experience along Route 66? 

If you have driven Route 66 before, any recommendations you can share?

Di x

Images: All images taken by me on my iPhone 4S.


I thought it might be fun to share with you some of the great products that I see and work with. So many nice things come across my desk each week and its not fair that I should only get to enjoy them! So here's something beautiful I have found for your home. 

Zoe High Table by Anaca Studio.

Why it works?

It's sooooo practical. A good size and shape, its not bulky so it will fit nicely into any small space or apartment living.  Due to its design, it can snuggle up right next to your sofa or armchair, making it an ideal tabletop for sitting your drink or book.

It's organic shape keeps the design soft and sweet, so will look beautiful in any space. And you can easily personalise it by choosing from a range of colours and timber finishes.

This table is designed and made in Australia by Anne-Claire Petre of Anaca Studio. For this designer, building eco-friendly designs without compromising on style is important. And we think so too. Read all about the Ethics behind her designs here.

You can check out Anne-Claire's entire collection here, including her new Tetra range, for something modern and a great play on shapes. 

SbyD x

Image sources: All photos kindly provided by Anaca Studio.

Exciting news...

To start this week on a positive note, I wanted to share with you some exciting news... I am now writing as a guest blogger for Click Mania

A great step forward for me as I am absolutely loving my blog and writing about interiors for you. But now I get the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas with the readers of Click Mania as well.  I will provide lots of tips & suggestions for home decorating so stay connected when you can!

Just a little summary, Click Mania is an online shopping destination, where you can find and share offers from leading brands across a range of categories, including Home and Kids. A great source for some discounts so do check it out if you are looking for a bargain on great brands. You can visit their website here

Last week I posted my first article, How-to Decorate on a budget. You can read it here. I will be posting weekly on this site so do pop by when you can. And let me know what you think!

Di x

Image source: one.

This blog post was not sponsored by Click Mania - I just wanted to share with you my exciting news. 

SbyD Travels: Palm Springs (III)

So today's post is a quick one because we're organising ourselves for a two week road trip along Route 66! From next week, we will be on the road exploring the US from L.A. to Chicago. As I said in my last post, I just LOVE road trips so when this opportunity arose, I couldn't say no! 

Anyway, let's come back to Palm Springs... Design mecca let me tell you!  The main area to visit if you are only in Palm Springs for a short period of time is N Palm Canyon Drive. Here's a few that I liked:

+ Design 849 - mid-century modern and bohemian chic furniture and accessories with some outdoor options too.

+ A La MOD - my favourite find.  A beautifully curated collection of mid-century furniture (many originals).  Their collection is also available on 1st Dibs (but if you check their website every Monday you will be able to grab a find before it is listed on 1st Dibs later that week!). 

+ BLVD - another great collection of beautifully sourced modern and vintage mid-century furniture finds.

There are also many little boutique homewares stores that you can weave in and out of to find something that you love.  You can easily spend the whole afternoon meandering down the street.  If that's the case, you better grab yourself a coffee in hand.  The best place I could find along the street is Koffi. It will certainly do the job.

While you're in the mid-century mood, you should also check out the interiors of Parker, a luxury hotel in Palm Springs decorated by Jonathan Adler (remember my blog post a couple of weeks ago?).

As we know, JA's style has a real connection with the Modernist era so to fit out this hotel was the perfect collaboration. We visited Parker and had a DELICIOUS breakfast at Norma's (highly recommend it). After indulging in a homemade granola and egg white omelette, we explored the beautiful grounds.  

The hotel oozes colour inside and out. It's furnished in dramatic, over-the-top mid-century finds, including the neon lights in the entrance foyer, titled "DRUGS". And you can't ignore the hotel's impeccable gardens (I want the outdoor fire pit!). 

No doubt one of its features is Mister Parker. If you get the chance, grab a drink at this bar. In the hotel's own words, it is "dark, sexy and seductive". The moody colour palette, the velvet upholstered fabric seating and luxe white piano on display would no doubt set you up for an entertaining evening. Even make you feel as you if you are living this dream. 

SbyD x

Image sources: one / two / All other photos taken by me on my iPhone 4S.

PS. It wasn't that short of a post after all.

SbyD Travels: Palm Springs (II)

After having recently read a blog post on Palm Springs from the talented Yellowtrace, I was eager to try for dinner, the recommended Workshop Kitchen + Bar

Hidden in amongst the collection of vintage and mid-century styled furniture stores on Palm Canyon Drive, Workshop Kitchen + Bar presented its understated charm to us.

Designed by New York's CIty's SOMA Architects, this restaurant represents the true meaning of Industrial Chic. A complete contrast to the eclectic and vibrant Palm Springs, but a welcoming relief to its customers. 

The interior stole my heart. I completely fell in love with it.  Extremely chic with superior industrial elements including clean lines, monochromatic palette and minimal design aesthetic. Its hard to fathom that this restaurant is nestled in the heart of Palm Springs. But that's the point I think and that's why I loved it.

The lighting was a key feature for me.  Although nothing original in its design, the repetitive use of the low hanging light bulb accentuated the height of loft-style ceiling without compromising on the intimacy of the space.  In addition, the no-frills exposed bulb softened the feel of the somewhat sterile interior and created unexpected warmth and comfort.

As I am no "foodie", I won't begin to critic the quality and presentation of the food on offer here, except to say that it will not disappoint.  It was sublime.  This was my chosen cuisine for the night:

+ Farro Calamari Salad with cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, fresh herbs, red wine vinaigrette (delicious).

+ Black Burgundy Truffle Risotto (amazing). 

There is also a lovely wine list to choose from offering many local varieties as well as a highly stocked bar for either pre or post dinner drinks.

Highly recommended! You can make a reservation on-line at Workshop Kitchen + Bar here.

SbyD x

Image sources: one / two / three / four / five.

SbyD Travels: Palm Springs (Part I)

Since arriving in L.A, we have received endless recommendations to visit Palm Springs. The general consensus is that Palm Springs is cool. However, no one has been able to identify exactly what makes a visit worthwhile (it can't be the weather right? We are in LA...). So without the need for anymore convincing, we took a road trip out to Palm Springs to find out for ourselves...

I am a big fan of the road. It takes me back to my younger days, when as a family, we would all squeeze into the family Ford Falcon and hit the roads in and around Victoria (Australia). Happy memories.

Palm Springs is in the desert in the state of California.  But not the desert as we know it in Australia. Think - the Flintstones and Mad Men and you somehow get Palm Springs...

Looking back on the trip now, for me, the city's terrain has been most memorable. In fact, surreal.  Arid land, large empty spaces and open skies engulf the township of Palm Springs. I have never experienced anything like this! (You can almost see yourself in a John Wayne western classic!) But, despite the somewhat lifeless landscape, I could not contain my excitement for its beautiful colour palette.

Our hotel worked this to the max. Our room was styled to feel like you were in a tee-pee. Think linen curtains, rustic vintage kilims, tan leathern-worn armchairs and concrete floors. Sublime. 

So it got me thinking, how can you bring this feeling home with you? Here's a few ideas:

Clockwise from top left:

1. Glass Bonsai by Amanda Dziedzic, Modern Times / 2. Vintage Antique Kilims, Loom Rugs / 3. Succulents, Pop Plant / 4. Concrete Wallpaper by Piet Boon, Safari Living / 5. Mogensen Style Vintage Danish Leather Armchair, Modern Times.

SbyD x

Image source: one / two / three / four / five / six (as above). 

Nursery Week - The timeless interior.

A friend of mine recommended that I visit Restoration Hardware Baby & Child while in the US for some interior inspiration for the nursery. So I do and wow! What a place!  Where were you when I was a kid??

RH Baby & Child is not just a store that sells children's furniture and accessories.  It is way more than this. It is an experience, a way to cultivate a place where children can dream.  No really, this place can make you feel this way.

As a child, I LOVED my bedroom.  Not necessarily because it had the top of the range of anything! In fact I had a desk that was sourced from the local Salvation Army store and painted white to suit my room and a bed that was passed down to me from my grandma. But what I loved about my bedroom, was that it gave me the opportunity to do my "stuff". To build my dreams, and be creative (draw endlessly in my sketch books & write my next BIG story in my endless supply of notebooks), listen to my favourite tunes, play dress ups with my sister and read my favourite books.  

And this is what we all want to create for our own children's room.  To build a space that makes them happy and gives them the opportunity to be themselves and do the things they love. 

RH Baby & Child is a luxury children's furniture and accessories company. Their designs are classic and timeless. At the core of their design, they offer parents a way to create beautiful spaces that can evolve over time gracefully, agelessly and transcend all trends. They focus on combining subdued colour palettes of white, creams, neutral shades, pastel pinks and blues, and muted metallics. The key ingredient in their design lies in the layers of texture that make up a space. The mixture of cotton, wool, fur, linen, leather, metal, wood... It blows my mind!

RH Baby & Child designs are a fusion of provincial, industrial and rustic finishes.  The styles of furniture are classic and functional.

Luckily for us, RH Baby & Child ship to Australia. So if you are looking to recreate something special with RH Baby & Child, shoot me an email and I can help you get started. Download their Source Book, make yourself a coffee or tea, sit back and be inspired to create something as magical as this.

Anything is possible with a room like this right?

SbyD x

Image sources all from RH Baby & Child Source Book.

Please note, this post is not sponsored by Restoration Hardware Baby & Child.  I just loved the store and its concept that I couldn't help but share it with you.

Nursery Week - Welcome to my zoo.

Animals are a really popular theme for nurseries and for obvious reasons. You can play and mix with so many themes like farm, pets or safari.  You can also create an animal-based theme of your favourite variety or cartoon figures.  

I can't deny that I love this theme and think its a classic design, especially when you don't know the sex of your baby. So when I discovered The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose, I couldn't wait to share it with you.

Sharon's on-line store covers so many different types of animals including the Australian kind, however, you can't go past the collection called "Little Darlings". 

Cute right? The idea of using clean, simple and uncomplicated photographs as art successfully achieves a calm and serene environment suited for a nursery. Also, as there is no colour theme in the prints (ie white background), it allows you to use them in any style of nursery. Sharon's blog displays many examples of ways her clients have incorporated these animal prints into their children's rooms and nurseries.  Here's a few of my favourites.

And something for the grown ups?

Each print comes in a range of sizes and some are limited editions so you will need to be quick! International shipping is available to Australia but the option to have them framed is not. So you will need to organise this back at home.

SbyD x

Image sources: one / all other images via Sharon's blog here.

The colour-neutral nursery.

This month at SbyD we have been busy helping a client design a nursery for her first child.  This has been such an exciting project with endless possibilities. So we thought for this week on the blog, we would share with you, details of our project and where you can find the right ingredients to create your own nursery.

Given our client does not know the sex of her baby and does not want to find out, she is keen to keep the colour palette of the room neutral.  This is a common request by many parents when designing a child's bedroom, and for many good reasons.

Neutral colour palette

+ Room to grow.  The nursery room can be passed down to all siblings in the family so keeping it neutral doesn't mean you have to change the design & colour every time you have another child.

+ Avoid stereotypes.  Not every girl's room has to be pink and boy's room blue. A combination of bright colours or just one fabulous neutral colour like green or yellow can help you avoid the more common colour palettes.

+ Be adventurous. A neutral palette can mean no colours, so you choose white and black.  To make things interesting? Experiment with texture and patterns, rather than colour.

Don't be fooled by a neutral colour palette, your options are endless and far from boring! Here's a few to consider:

For my client, she loved the idea of a pastel palette of light grey, lemon, mint and white. So here are some inspirational images I shared with her. What do you think?

What I am loving about this project is the freedom and creativity that stems from designing a child's bedroom. I find that many people may not be prepared to experiment as much with their own bedroom, but for their child or baby-to-be, its a different story.  So the opportunity to push the boundaries with my client is exciting and something I absolutely love.

Over the following months, we will share with you the progress of this nursery, including where we shopped and what products we purchased for the room.  So stay tuned for this.

SbyD x

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Sometimes when I travel and discover new places, I wonder whether I am really drawn to it because of what it is, or whether its simply the allure of travel that entices me. Do you know what I mean? Well, this happened recently when I popped back into retail store Jonathan Adler - and guess what?! My expectations did not disappoint me.

I'm sure many of you have shopped at or at least heard of Jonathan Adler. While we don't have any of his stores in Australia, he is renowned for creating glamorous, eclectic and chic interiors.  So this post is not about introducing you to a new brand in the market, but showcasing to you a few pieces from his current collection that you should SERIOUSLY consider for your home.

What I love about JA's style is that it is SO Jonathan! While I don't know him personal (such a shame), from what I see, his interiors reflect his personality, his love of colour and for something flamboyant! Anything but generic.

So why choose JA for your home? 

Colour - One of the best ways to add some energy into your home.  His collections have so much colour that you can pick what's your favourite or mix it all together like he does.

Eccentric pieces - If you can add something quirky, funny and out-of-place to every space in your home, you will create character! Take your interiors to another level. 

Add metallics - Every room in your home should have a statement piece (or a few). One great way to do this is to add metallic - think lighting, vessels, candles, art.  The current collection has so many great pieces to choose from and my favourite is the Nixon Dining Table range.

Take risks - this is an important one.  Your home is never going to look and feel amazing if you are not prepared to push your boundaries and try something different.  This is why JA is such a great place for inspiration - whether you want to start off with something small like a vase or pillow, or say what the hell? and go for a large furniture piece - you will no doubt find something amazing here to add to your home.  Browse through a few of his recent interior projects here, you'll see what I mean.

Lucky for us, JA ships internationally so you can buy all these items on-line. So check out JA here.

SbyD x

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