Elegant Parisian apartments.

Travel never ceases to inspire as different countries, cultures, religions and weather patterns affect the way people live.  Below, we have collected images of some beautiful apartments for rent near and around Paris via HomeAway.

Traditional Parisian apartments are filled with natural light due to their large floor to ceiling glass windows and "french-style" doors that open out onto quaint balconies and cobbled streets below. 

Colour palettes of subdued pastel shades that do not detract, absorb or compete with the natural light that fills the space within. Shades of dusty pinks, mint greens and light greys are commonly found. 

The black iron lattice fences that line window balconies are symbolic of the detailed and elegant interiors within.

While we may not be able to replicate these interiors in our homes precisely, we can certainly translate these spaces in our own unique way. 

To begin, you can't go past crisp white walls, timber floors (particularly parquetry) and simple window treatments (keep window coverings to a minimum with no-frills linen, sheers or none at all).  

From here you can layer your interior with french-inspired items in neutral or muted colour palettes. This is your opportunity to mix your existing furniture pieces alongside your french-inspired ones.  

To help get you started, we have sourced some beautiful pieces for your home from Villa Maison:

Don't be afraid to mix and match your own pieces with these above. See below for some great examples to help illustrate our point.  

Over the next 7 days we will showcase through our social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) french-inspired ideas to add to your home - so make sure you are following us for some inspiration!  Look out for #frenchinspired in the hashtag comments!

SbyD x