A Mexican dream.

This week will be a week of travel for me. I'm heading up to Byron Bay for something special and while I'm there I will not be able to help myself but to check out a few places that have been on my list to visit.

But before I get there, let's talk about travel and how it is such a great inspiration for your home.   Part of the excitement of travel lies in the places I stay.  Where I can, I try to avoid your typical hotels to try something new.  By staying in a different style of accommodation you usually find yourself outside the common tourist areas, perhaps in a more suburban area and if you're lucky, you may feel like one of the locals.

I recently stumbled across this beach house called Casa Encanto in Baja California, Mexico (which is an hour away from Caba San Lucas). How spectacular are those glass doors?? So much light and space and sunshine! This place is divine and it's also available for short-term rent!

The beauty of this place lies in its authenticity.  The architecture, furniture and its simple design encapsulates everything you envisage for a beach house in Mexico.  The home is filled with beautiful colour, an iconic feature of Mexican architecture. But there are also other elements and themes from Morocco, Greece and Spain which give this place its own unique flavour. The bold, vibrant colours create energy and life and the casual furniture makes the home-away-from-home feel lived-in and welcoming.   

A week long stay here with some friends would almost be a dream come true, right? 

You can make your reservations here

SbyD x