Dripping in style.

If you're living in a pretty safe environment at home -  ie. the neutrals - then why not spice up your life with these colours of the world art pieces by Rowena Martinich.

Their beauty lies in their vibrant, psychedelic colours and gigantic proportions! We often choose art that is too small for the space available.  By opting for larger pieces (huge!), you create a focal point, something that will attract the eyes of your guests and add some excitement to your space!

If this is taking it too far for you, then why not choose one of these gorgeous cushions Rowena has created in collaboration with Geoffrey Carran to add to your living room. These bold, spirited designs, echoing a similar colour palette to her art pieces, feature Australian birds that will surely be your perfect conversation starter! 

You can enquire and purchase Rowena's art pieces and cushions from her website here

SbyD x