Decorating Online.

When I decided to create SpacesbyDIana, my main goal was straightforward: to make design accessible by simplifying and demystifying the decorating process. I believe that everyone should be able to live in a beautiful home that reflects their own personality and needs. 

However, hiring an interior designer or decorator can appear daunting and for many of us, a little out of our budget.  So I knew I had to create an alternate route and take away the elite status associated with hiring an expert.

For some of us, the idea of renovating sounds overwhelming and time consuming and almost impossible to squeeze it into our already busy schedule.  

So how good would it be if you could receive expert advice for a fixed fee? Where someone has done all the work for you and packaged it into an easy-to-read document and delivered straight to your inbox?

So how would this work? Imagine this - you send an email to your interior decorator to search for the perfect piece of furniture or to help you renovate your kitchen or bathroom.  In the email you simply describe in point form:

+ your style, feeling or vibe you would like for your home.

+ Maybe attach a couple of photos to help illustrate what you like?

Shortly thereafter, you find an email from your decorator in your inbox, attaching a document.  The document sets out:

+ where to shop to find the perfect piece of furniture;

+ a floor plan illustrating how to layout your furniture;

+ a colour palette; and

+ floor plan for your lighting. 

The best bit? All for a fixed cost!  And how much input did you contribute to make this work??

Sometimes what we need is a little guidance with some great ideas. So here at SpacesbyDiana we have created an on-line service that gives you personalised interior advice straight to your inbox. 

The service is tailored towards clients who may be:

+ budget conscious or

+ time poor or

+ design savvy, but need some direction to let them know they are on the right track!

We offer a free initial quote to discover the best options available to you.  Our services are tailored to your needs so we can include what you want and leave out the rest.

Sounds interesting? Click our What We Offer page to find out more details about Decorating On-line. 

SbyD x