Personalise your space.

To begin this new year, let's get back to basics and learn what it is we love about our home and what we don't. This year is all about creating a home that reflects you and your personality.  Looking back at the past year, what did you love about your home? What did you discover that needed improvements?

This month on the blog we want to explore ways in which you can create an authentic, unique home. We believe your home is an extension of yourself, a reflection of all your likes and tastes. And just like your wardrobe, it tells a story of who you are.

So to create this special place, we need to look beyond the latest trends in colour, design and fashion and explore what makes you... you.

Evoke a feeling. If you love to come home to a space that feels relaxed and casual, then take a look at your seating arrangements.  Is your sofa comfy? Is there enough seating for your guests? Does your room get enough natural light? Can you add a rug to cozy up your space?  Perhaps consider lighting a candle to remind you of your favourite flower or holiday scent like coconut & lime (yum - I am dreaming about a beach…).

Add colour. We too often play the safe card and go for neutrals. We say to ourselves "this will match with everything" or "it will last longer".  But have you ever thought that if you buy furniture, art and accessories for your home that you absolutely love, then they will always find a way to work together because you consistently choose things that you adore?  I have always loved blue, in particular, indigo, as it always reminds me of the ocean.  So to help personalise my space, I have purchased a sofa in an indigo fabric, as well as some bedlinen.  

Display your treasures.  If you love to collect anything, display it.  If you love books, create a library!  If you collect art from flea markets, create a collage on your wall.  If you have millions of cups and mugs, then buy or build open shelves in your kitchen to showcase your collection.  Why hide them, if these are the things that make you happy?

Take a leap of faith - move away from the home design magazines and trust your instincts.  

SbyD x

Images: one. via Vogue Living two. via Abigail Ahern blog three. via sfgirlbybay