Which style are you?

So you have decided to renovate or build your own home... but how are you going to style it? Where do you begin - you ask!

Before you can choose your colour palette, fabric, finishes, lighting and furniture - its a good idea to consider what is your style. So why is this important?  To keep things consistent!  A home that connects between rooms feels homely, balanced and comfortable. 

A good place to start is in your bedroom closet. Look at the clothes you wear -  

1) Do you see any colour patterns? Neutrals, whites, blues? Do you like solid colours (all one colour), do you have many patterns?  

2) How would you describe your wardrobe? Crisp and tailored? Casual and cosy? Feminine or masculine or a bit of both? In fact, your wardrobe is a great reflection of you and your style so its a sneak peak into what your home may look and feel like. 

Perhaps you are a fuss free person who enjoys clutter free spaces and functional pieces (everything must have a purpose otherwise what's the point in having it right?) and loves open, light spaces? 

Or maybe you love a mixture of the old and new?  Anything grabs you... you are not confined by colour, functionality or time period.  

Maybe you are a person of systems, have excellent organisational skills, love tailored clothing and enjoy spaces where everything is well balanced? 

Here's just a few to get you thinking... what style are you? Let us know what you discover! 

SbyD x